happy per cap to me

today my per cap hit the bank. i aint running to town to spend it. it is in the bank and will cover expenses as they occur. it is not the full amount we normally get. that is to be expected with the casino partially open because of the covid. i am glad i  got some thing. dont wanna sound like the ones that whine about every damn little thing. any extra cash a retired person gets is always welcomed.

speaking of extra cash, i had a check waiting for me. i dropped my roach off at the tribal office to be photographed. the photograph will be displayed during the construction going on at the casino. after i delivered the roach, i got my check for the licensing fee. hoolay. that plus the gift card my roach won for 1st place made me some righteous bucks.

still aint running to town. i am thinking bout buying a new nikon camera though. the nikon coolpix P500 i own is a simple point and shoot. i get fair enough pictures from it. maybe i will sell that used camera. it is safe to say photography is a hobby of mine. i have taken over 15,000 pictures. i know a better camera will take better pictures. good cameras do make a difference. if i find a good deal i am on it.

i had to feed my critters before i dropped off my roach. my grand daughters spend part of the week with us. one helps me feed my animals. she said ‘misho you got a lot of animals to feed– chickens, worms, a dog and a fish’. i agreed. i like it when my grand kids see the chores i do. it teaches responsibility to care for animals.

i havent bought any books lately. out of curiosity, i ordered the bob woodward book “rage”. i have heard excerpts from the book for some time now. the book will be delivered to my house this thursday. i probably will have it read in a few days.

i wont be shocked by anything in the book.  dont need to read the book to know he down played the corona virus. i figured that. nothing this president does or says surprises me. he reminds me of some of the indian politicians we had. the ones that lied to us all the time, or abused their power. this guy attacks every one else to build himself up. we had leaders like that. nothing new to us.

i got a call from the flooring people. the materials will be delivered by thursday. that will be the flooring and the new base board.  the flooring will be a one day job and be done on friday.   i am anxious to have it finished. i wanna move back into my room. it will be roomier since i tore out shelves and a closet. i will leave them out. i want the extra room.

the flooring lady asked if i was gonna do any painting. i said it was already done. we added new drapes to the room too. it will be like a new room to us. our tv will operate better too since our internet is working better.

i can t wait til all is done.