smoke n read

i just got my new book by bob woodward in the mail today. i also got my cuban cigar. a tourist straight off a cruise ship in cancun bought it for me. i havent smoked a cigar in a year or two but hey this is a cuban. i probably paid more than it is worth but it is worth every penny to me. cant score one from our rez smoke shop.

the best cuban cigar i ever smoked was in a cancun night club called coco bongo. one of the workers asked me if there was anything i wanted. i said yeah a cuban cigar. he said it would be $15. he disappeared for bout 15 minutes and showed up with a fine cigar. i tipped him $5. it was worth it. i smoked it for a few hours while enjoying the show.

its too bad i didnt put up the hammock i bought in belize.  i would be reading,  smoking  and drinking a cup of colombian supremo coffee while swinging in the shade of trees i planted. this indian aint rich but knows how to enjoy a simple life.

speaking of coffee i ordered another 5 pound bag of fresh roasted colombian supremo coffee beans. i order fresh beans every per cap. so for bout $200 a year i can have a pot of coffee made from fresh ground beans every morning. sometimes i can have two pots. that is less than a dollar a day. that is sure cheaper than starbucks and even mcdonalds. i wouldnt trade my coffee for any other.

our flooring was delivered today. i got a call from lowes saying they were on the way.  their gps took them to my nieces house over on the west forty.  not the first time gps has done that. i told the guy to come back up to the first house. i helped him unload. he said i didnt have to. i said keeping busy is what keeps me going.

the flooring people will be here tomorrow. they will get the job done in several hours.  actually they said a one day job but it wont take that long at all. they will also put on the base board. it has an oak look. we can move back into my big bedroom as soon as they pull out of the driveway. it will be like a new room to us.

tomorrow the tribe is gonna post a flu shot schedule. i get a flu shot every year. i will get one again this year. especially this year cuz of the covid. that doctor fauci that some dont wanna listen to said to make sure to get one this year. i will listen to him before i listen to some one who wouldnt hesitate to drink the kool aid. i will wait before taking that rushed vaccine they promising by election day. they gonna test it on indians. that ought to tell you something.

i was driving around last week end copping some road time. i seen a couple of places that were wineries. it make me wonder how kansas wine stacked up against—say french or italian wine. i dont know if anyone has ever said ‘if you going thru kansas, make sure you get me a bottle of that kansas wine’. or maybe they have. i dont know. havent drank wine in a coupla decades.

temperatures have cooled down. we turned off the central air and opened the doors. we like fresh air going thru the house. we are lucky to have that. folks out west are dealing with smoke.

i gotta get to reading. i bet i have that book done before the week end is over.