off to an auction

i went to an auction today. it was a two hour drive out to salina. mary rode with me to keep me company. we drove across the rez to the delia road. we headed south to rossville then hit I-70.  we went past farm land for a peaceful drive.

we got to salina in time to inspect the items before the auction started. i seen a brass kettle but it had a hole in it. i didnt bother bidding on it. i seen other ‘indian’ items like kachina dolls and beadwork that i passed on also. they werent in great shape. thats why i like to see what condition the items are in.

i scored a few items. probably spent more than i wanted but i got what i wanted. i copped a woody crumbo print titled ‘flute dancer’.  for the few who are wondering who the hell is woody crumbo. goggle him. no, just kidding. he is a potawatomi artist who passed away bout 30 years ago. i had to get this framed and matted print when i seen it.

i also got a  3 foot long birch bark canoe. it reminds me of our people when we lived on the lakes and rivers. canoes and walking were our modes of transportation.  i am talking early history. later we got horses. this canoe is a fine piece of artwork.

i got a matted and framed print by an artist named carol griggs. it is called ‘bringing hejira home’. it measures bout 6 feet by 2 and a half feet.  i copped it for $20.  it would cost more to mat or frame any picture. hell yeah thats why i go to auctions.

i aint saying the crumbo or the griggs is an original. there is a show called antiques roadshow. on it some buy an item real cheap and it ends up worth mucho dinero. that dont happen to me. i am just saying i got some nice art to hang on the walls of my humble home.

i waited for them to put a buffalo hide up. that is why i went to this auction. i hung around another hour until it finally came up. i inspected it a coupla times. i seen it had a big hole in it. it was tattered in another spot. it also had a stain. i thought good. i knew it wouldnt go high like what some hides are selling for. most start at bout $850 and go up from there.

me and this other dude were the only ones that were bidding on it. i didnt hesitate when it was my bid. the other dude did at $100. then i knew i had it. i ended up with the hide for $120.

some one might wonder why the hell this indian wants an old hide with a hole in it.  i will patch the hole with an old hide i bought for my sweat lodge. pack rats tore it up. after i fix this one up i will use it as a door for my sweat lodge. my bros behind the walls wanted a buffalo hide for their  lodge door and i couldnt score them one. i did help them get a buffalo skull.  i will think of them whenever i use this hide.

our tribe gives our hides away. once i was offered two hides that were in a plastic bag for several days when it was real hot. i said i didnt have time to work on them. they said if i didnt take them they would throw them away. so i took them. i soaked them in water one day. i tried scraping one and just tore big holes in the hide cuz it was too far gone. that was the only time i was offered any of our buffalo hides. they usually give them to other tribes.

we came back on hwy 24. we drove over bridges and box culverts i helped build. we even past by the old college that was on Potawatomi land that the jesuits scammed off us. we stopped to see the pay station museum but it was close. we got home and i put away my auction goods. it was a good day trip.