floor is done, new bed ordered, watching football

was out again today. what got us off the rez was shopping for a new bed. we went to a coupla places. we liked the second place. the mattress was firm but not too firm. not trying to be papa bear. there was a remote on the mattress. i asked what it was. the salesman was happy to show us.

we were laying down on the mattress and that dude raised the head part. he said say stop when it gets to about where we watch tv. we did. it felt good. i thought i wouldnt need a two pillows to watch tv. they make my neck sore. then he raised the  foot part. i liked that too. i was about to get up when he said wait. he lowered both and said see how this feels. i could feel my back stretching out. it felt good. i was sold. we ordered that setup.

the salesman said it would take 4 to 6 weeks for it to be delivered and set up.  he added it would most likely be sooner. thats okay. we liked the set up so much we are willing to wait. by then i may find a head board for the bed. he said its best to attach the head board direct to the wall with two sided tape. there wouldnt be a space for the pillow to fall in between. the head board would only be for looks. most likely will get an oak head board.

our floor is done thats why we were shopping for a bed. our daughter and son said they would help pay the cost of a new bed. we found the bed. our old bed will be in our guest bedroom. the grand sons will sleep in it when they come for weekends.

yesterday we went to lawrence to watch andrew play flag football. he had two games. we sat in our lawn chairs or do we call them pow wow chairs now. it was a nice day to sit outside and get fresh air. andrews team lost both games. the other teams had more players that looked like they played before. our kids looked like they were just starting out. he had fun and liked that we came out to support him..

i picked more indian beans. they are in the corn field. i got more mattwaoshe and rabbit beans. some were about to pop open. when that happens the beans fall to the ground and you are out of luck. i picked them in time to save them. next year i will plant more. maybe have some growing on the trellis by my chicken house.

it is decided we are gonna butcher the hybrid chickens. they are called hy-line browns. they are developed for ‘superior’ egg laying. not these ones. i have 11 hens. the most we get in one day is 4 eggs. some days only one or two.

some one wondered why i prefer rhode island reds. my last batch of 14 reds laid anywhere from 6 to a dozen eggs a day. every day. i would have surplus eggs i would sell and use that to buy feed. these hybrids are sure pok ttit. they cant roost and just learned to lay eggs in the egg boxes. i had to build a ramp for them to get to the egg boxes. i will fatten them up for soup this winter.

gotta finish reading my new book.