late pickings

i am still picking some things. it has been a mild late summer. fall has only been here for bout a week. i am picking cucumbers, tomatoes, indian beans, jalapenos, habaneros, anaheims and green peppers. i have some potatoes in the ground i havent dug up yet. and i have a few crooked neck squash growing.

i cut off the stems and scooped out the seeds of the bell peppers. i diced them up and filled a freezer bag with them. i put them in the freezer. i put some of them in a canning jar with a lid. we will use those for cooking now. i froze the hot peppers. i will use them if i run out of my hot sauce.

i don’t know why but i hadnt been logging any miles. my sister came over the other day. we went for a two mile walk. the  first walk is always the hardest to get. now that i started walking again, i will log my miles. the weather is perfect for it. temps in the 70s and 80s. that is good walking weather.

i have been drinking the indian tea i put away. it is a good all around tonic. i used to drink it back when i was younger. we didnt have pop so i drank indian tea. now i drink it again in the place of pop. i have enough to last me until it will be time to pick it again next year.

i forgot that friday was ‘native american day’.  i missed the parade. or was there one?  maybe i shoulda called my native american friends and wished them a happy native american day. well that gotta wait til next year now.

one of my sisters and her grand kids are gonna come get some of my corn stalks. i said sure. be glad to get rid of the stalks. it will save me from pulling them up. eventually i have to get them out of the ground anyway. usually i just burn the field off. i am moving my garden to another spot next year.

i only have about70 pages left to read in my book. i have been busy, didnt get a chance to finish it. i get tired of this presidents lies.  maybe thats why i havent read any lately.  to be honest i dont trust most politicians. too many of them lie.  i do hope this present administration is voted out though. if they wont do anything for the majority they should be voted out.

the leaves on my trees are just starting to turn brown. perhaps this year i will head to the timber to hunt for squirrels or wild turkey. i like to walk around in the timber. sometimes i take a camera to get pictures. at the very least i get in a good walk and take in fresh air. i havent been out to check on paw paws. maybe i am too late.

what will this week bring.

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