boarding school survivors day

today is boarding school survivors day. i honor the day because i survived that experience.  i put on my t shirt i bought at one of our pow wows or maybe the last Potawatomi gathering we had. it was at the stand next to mine. it was run by a lady from pokagan band. when i seen this shirt i had to have it.

i put this shirt on the other day. the group that sent the care package to boarding school survivors asked for a picture. so i took a picture of me holding the package with my shirt on. i sent it to them and they asked if they could use it in their publications. i said sure.

i forgot to mention that most of the items in the package were produced by indian owned businesses or organizations. today i am wearing the socks from an indian owned business. i used many of the items in the package. i appreciate that some one cares about kids that went thru all that.

i posted a picture on facebook about survivors day. it opened a dialogue with people. i thought that was what social media was about. the ability to communicate with others and to interact with them. i dont get on there just to whine about something.

i went to my quarterly lab and med check up this morning. i do this as a precaution. i want to fix any problems i have before they get bad. the doctor upped a couple of my meds. gotta stay on top of things.

i have only walked one time since my last lab test.  we were watching grand daughters for the summer. i got out of my routine. i aint blaming them. i let it go one day, then two, then three. its hard to get started up again. i will get back on track. its more than just exercise. i also have to watch what i eat. its too easy to drink a pop or eat candy. diabetics aint suppose to do that.

i watched the presidential debate last night. well it was hardly presidential. it didnt do anything to change my mind on who i am voting for. it did provide me with some entertainment though. i laughed and cussed. at least the presidents people got his tan looking better. he didnt look so orange and the white spaces around his eyes werent as visible.

it reminded me of some of the indian politicians we have had over the years. we had some that just bully everyone else too. they do it as long as they can get away with it. and we had some that believed that just because they said something, it was true. their word was law. kinda like this president. we had politicians like him many times.

i will have to take down my humming bird feeders. i havent seen any activity near the feeders. no doubt the birds have flown south.  its too late in the season. they are long gone. i will put away the feeders until next year. they will be back. i like to watch them. thats why i keep feeders.

gotta get some chores done before the nba playoffs tonight.

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