fall weather

i bought this grass plant this spring at a flea market held at our sr. citizen site.  i didnt know what kind it was, just that it grew tall. i got it for $5 and split it in two.  it flowered or rather these tops appeared.

i am somewhat of a history buff. there was this indian village called etzanoa that flourished from 1450  to  the 1700s. spanish explorers estimated it had 2000 houses and 20, 000 residents in it.  that would make it possibly the second largest city in the country at the time. maybe the biggest. it stretched along the Arkansas river for 5 miles.

modern day archaeologists rediscovered the site. it is in ark city. they read the spanish accounts and looked for the land marks.  people have been gathering up arrow points etc for over a hundred years . they knew that indians lived in this area.

they have tours of the dig. i called the museum and scheduled  a tour at the end of the month.  they will practice social distancing. i will have to drive my own car to other sites on the tour.

they will have early voting at our old bingo hall. i called some one that works on voting matters. i asked if i could vote at the bingo hall instead of using an absentee ballot. she called the county clerk who cancelled my request for an absentee ballot. now i can vote at our place.  i doubt it will be too crowded. once we were able to vote at the sr. citizen site. not many voted there.

they are giving flu shots at the clinic.  it will be a drive up. at my last lab i was given a pneumonia shot. they suggest older ones get the shot as a precaution. i usually get the flu shot too. i will do that today.

i finally finished bob woodward’s book ‘rage’. i got distracted several times and was busy other times. it was an alright read. i wasnt surprised by anything in it.

the news of the day is our president tested positive for the covid. he and his followers have called the pandemic a hoax. the president wouldnt set an example by wearing a face mask nor did he practice social distancing. he pushed the country to reopen while cases were still on the rise. he wanted a strong economy to help his reelection bid.

perhaps now the doubters will believe that anyone can catch the virus. the president has much better care than the average american. he is tested daily as are all the people who come in contact with him. he still caught the virus.

i remember getting funny looks when i wore a mask. some feel threatened their personal freedoms are taken away by being asked to wear a mask. i assume they get into their car, fasten their seat belts and stop at the stop signs. and use signals to make lane changes.  and kinda obey the speed limit. they are governed by many laws that they accept but wearing a mask is too much.

our tribe used to post how many cases we had on the rez. not anymore. people know that the virus is spreading here too. even without any numbers being released.

it will take an effort by everyone to slow this pandemic.  the biggest reason the spread was slowed is because many stayed home and wore masks when they had to go out.  people did that without government guidance. that worked. everyone needs to take precautions.  i hope we get this in control.