sleep over

we had a sleepover with some of the grand kids last night. i welcome any time i can spend with them. we inflated the air mattress and they slept in the living room. it was fun. kids are constantly asking questions. that is how they learn.  we try to be patient and answer.

i mowed the yard today. the grass was higher than i wanted it to be. it wasnt bad but i want the yard to look nice over the winter.   it only took bout an hour. i dont mind mowing.  my head phones had a low battery so i couldnt jam out while mowing. i will drain the gas out of the mower when i shed it for the year.

i fixed up a new compost pile. i had a few bags of grass clippings and leaves. i layered them into a new pile. most of the compost pile i had last year was broken down. i threw all of that into the layers of leaves and grass clippings. it will help break it down. i will continue to add egg shells, coffee grounds and table scraps. i will add all of this and my worm castings to my grow boxes next year..

after slacking a few weeks on my walking i am back at it. i walked 3 times last week for a total of 6 miles. now i am back in a routine.  i even done a few sets on the weight machine. once i get started i can keep it up.  when the weather turns i have my tread mill and weight machine to exercise with.

i did get my flu shot on friday. it was simple. i drove up and was handed some forms and a clipboard. i had  wear a facemask. all the workers were. i filled out the forms and pulled forward. i handed them the forms and i got my shot. i asked if i would get a sponge bob band aid and a sucker. i was only kidding. after my shot they put a band aid on me and handed me a sucker and some stickers.

andrew is playing flag football. he got me out in the yard twice this week end to throw the ball to him. i caught a throw of his one handed. he said ‘what’. he didnt think  ol misho had some skills. i even punted him the ball a few times. he got all of us at different times to practice with him. he wants to play.

if i make a mistake i correct it. i said tribe wasnt publishing covid numbers like they were. i was informed there is a place on the tribes website that lists numbers. i didnt see it. so i stand corrected. at first they were sending out news releases. not now.

tomorrow i am going to get new glasses. i lost my last pair. i am not forgetful so i didnt space them out. i am not obsessive about it but i have a place for everything. i dont understand where they could be. i thought by now they would have shown up. they didnt. now i will get a new pair. i have to wear a face mask and call the place. they come out to get me. then i pick the glasses i want.  this indian will get off the rez tomorrow.