got more porcupine hair

recently i received a shipment of porcupine hair. it was about 3/4s of a pound of hair. i havent begun to sort it yet.  i have plenty of other hair to sort. i probably will get back to doing that monotonous chore again. once i get into the routine i can sort hair for hours a day, all week long.

i am sending a check to the trapper that sent me the hair. i asked him if he is willing to pluck the quills off the hides. usually the trappers pull the porcupine hair and thats it. i told him i am interested in buying all the quills off bout 4 or 5 porcupines. that is enough to get started. i want to try doing some quill work. i dont know if i got any skill at that until i actually try.

i will ask other trappers for quills too. i have been asked in the past if i wanted any. now i will see if i can get quills. even if i dont have it down as an art i could sell the quills at a future stand. i will dye them when i dye the deer tails i use for roaches. i will get two uses out of the dye.

i havent been working on my roaches since pow wow season didnt happen this year. it will be back. usually i work on roaches in the fall and winter. that is kinda my down time. i dont have gardening, mowing, spring cleaning etc.

i decided to give away the cuban cigar i scored. i will give it to my son. the past few years i have only smoked pipe at ceremonies. i had to smoke several times for people during this covid crisis.  i still have to cough from that for several weeks after i smoke. it irritates my lungs. thats why i am not gonna smoke the cubano.

i needed chick starter feed. i went after some yesterday. while i was in town i ordered some buffalo wings. we wanted them before the chiefs game. after we ate, we went for our two mile walk. we got back in time for the kick off. just before the game started, i could hear them doing the tomahawk chop. thats stupid. we were glad the chiefs won.

we are gonna clean a few chickens this week. i usually make a fire to heat the water. some one gave me a big pot. it is big enough to dip the chickens into. then we pluck the feathers off. mary and i have that process down. we can clean several chickens in no time. i  have been fattening these hybird chickens up for a coupla months. they arent laying many eggs. they will make good soup though.

cant wait til next laker game.

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