fall weather

seen a flock of geese flying over this morning. they were heading south. that could only mean one thing. there will be some more that will fly east, some west and some north. man has disrupted their natural habitats. i think they dont follow their usual migratory patterns any more. many stay here on the state reservoirs.

i took a picture of one of our buffalo. usually they are too far away to get detail. once i asked if i could go into the area where the buffalo are fenced off from. i wanted to gather up manure to add to my compost pile. i was kinda given a run around. i let it go. it just lies there and rots away. it is of no use to anyone but could be beneficial in producing food.  sovereignty means we can say we dont want it but we dont want you to have it either.

i watched the vice presidential debates last night. many thought the fly was the main point of interest. i thought it was pence’s red eye. does he have covid too?  the white house is the latest hot spot. if the most powerful government in the world cant protect themselves, how do we expect them to protect us?

i was talking to a classmate of mine from 50 years ago. we talked about a little of everything. we touched on politics. i told him i didnt see much difference between the two parties. they are just puppets for the rich who really run this country. like the corona stimulus bill. the top 1% got billions. people like us got 1200 bucks. my classmate agreed. we both thought there were too many crooks in our government who only care for themselves.

we havent heard from the furniture place that we bought our bed from. they did say 4 to 6 weeks but maybe sooner. i was hoping sooner. i want to finish moving into my bedroom. i bought another outdoor antenna for it. i want to be able to watch local news in bed before i go to sleep. i moved the one we had to our living room when we cut cable.

my worm farm is still going. i feed it regularly. i see plenty of worms in there. they will reproduce and i will have more worms. i have a stackable bin. i have 5 more bins to add. i will use the worm castings in my grow beds next growing season.

we walked on the paved road again last evening. that was the second walk this week. last week we had 6 miles. we should equal or better that this week. the main thing is to keep walking. i am trying to better my health. at my age it is hard to lose weight. i keep trying. i know walking is good for me.

they having a junk fest in valley falls this weekend. they abiding by health guide lines.they have 70 vendors  with a little of everything. food trucks even.  i might go check it out.  i stay home all week. need to get off rez a while. i will wear a mask.

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