time for football

the furniture place called. we will be getting our new bed in 11 days. wish it was sooner but at least we know when it will be here. the bed is a gift from our daughter and son. i havent found a head board for it yet. no hurry. i wont rush into buying the first one i see.

i have been looking for a few dressers for the boys’ room. i want solid wood ones, not the particle board ones covered with a fake veneer. most modern furniture aint solid wood.  i found one solid oak dresser already. i want the dressers to maintain their value. i have gone to garage sales and flea markets looking for dressers. i also check out auctions. i am in no hurry here either. i will take time to find ones i like.

today we are heading to lawrence. we will watch andrew play flag football. he has three games. we wont go to every game.  we will drop samuel off so they will be home for school this week. most people at these games wear face masks and it is outdoors. we take our pow wow chairs to sit on.

before we head out, the chiefs are playing today. i will watch as much as i can. then listen to the rest on the radio as we drive to lawrence. i still havent found my mahomes jersey. i  cant wear my chiefs gear with the game on. the jersey is packed away until we move back to our bedroom. i can wear it again after we unpack.

this coming week end we are taking the boys to a demolition derby. it is held up the road. one of the drivers told me there might be 4 or 5 indians driving in this event. i probably know most of them. i might get us a pit pass. it will cost 10 bucks more for that pass. that will enable us to walk around and look at the cars. that way the boys can see the indians that will be driving them.

tomorrow is columbo day. most tribes have made it a second native american day to take off. most indian offices will be closed. a real protest would be to say we are going to work anyway. we wont observe the day, instead we will work to help our people.

the national election is getting closer. this election is like many of our tribal elections we have had. it is a question of voting for who will do the least harm. there will still be many who vote for the one who will cause the most harm. there will be some that say their vote wont count.  many times that helps elect people who shouldnt be in there.

the out door antenna of mine just gave out. it stopped getting reception so i scanned channels. it says no channels added. it says move antenna to get different reception or check connection. i did both and still nothing. i will continue trying to fix it. i need that for local channels.

i gotta watch this chiefs game before i hit the road

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