still walking

yesterday was indigenous day. i didnt do anything indigenous. nor did i wish any of my native friends a happy indigenous day.

like others, some times my plans change. i planned on going to a coupla events the past coupla week ends. ended up that i didnt go. thats the way it is sometimes. like the old rolling stones tune ‘we cant always get what we want’. i wanna take the boys to the demo derby this week end. hope that dont change. they havent been to one before. i know they will get off on it.

i completed my second week of walking. i am back in the routine of walking again. i want to get in as much walking while the weather is nice. i can hit my treadmill when the weather isnt good.

i am drinking more indian tea now that i am walking again. i finished 3 gallons of it in the past week or two. i have a big glass mug that holds about 20 ounces. i drink several of them. i also drink water in the glass. i am trying to keep my liquid intake up. we take a water bottle with us on our walks too.

i started reloading songs off my cds back into my computer. i am rebuilding my play lists. they got zapped out. i missed my music when i worked outside or driving. i havent been on any long trips. i usually can put on one play list and listen to it all day. i could play a new one everyday. it will take me some time to get all my lists back. i havent been working at it.

the chicken feed is running low. i will have to go to the feed store and pick some up. i have two metal trash cans that i put it in. that keeps critters out of the feed. mice cant chew thru it. the cans are under the porch over hang on my tool shed. that keeps the cans dry. i dont have any problem with moisture in the cans.

they are having hearings on the nomination of a supreme court justice. i usually keep up on news. i dont like watching this though. there is little doubt how this will turn out. the democrats are trying to ask the republicans to follow what they said when an opening occurred during obama’s second term. the republicans are having none of it. the justice will be approved no matter what.

that is exactly how our government works. they will do what ever they want. whether it helps or hurts the american people has no bearing on the outcome. politicians do what they want. most politicians are there just to help themselves some way whether politically or economically.

the politicians say there is no way a stimulus will happen before the election. they can push a justice nomination thru though. they wont help the average american that needs it but can give money to the rich.

i will have my chance to vote next week. we are having early voting at the old bingo hall. i had my request for a mail in ballot cancelled. i wanted to make sure my vote gets in.