halloween coming

halloween is getting closer. the grand kids are getting their costumes ready. i never did get into that. if i was gonna do one this year i would go as the joker while doing that dance. we dont get many trick or treaters. we too far out in the boon docks. we will take the boys to the drive thru trunk or treat at peoples park. we end up with more candy than we need to be around. not good for this diabetic.

my grow boxes are still producing. i am still picking habanero peppers. i put them in a freezer bag and save them. my garlic bulbs are growing. i could have fresh garlic next growing season. i have a few onions, jalapenos and anaheim peppers growing.  soon a killing frost will zap everything. i think they saying we gonna get our first snow soon.

i had a few turnips that came up. i wanted to try the turnip greens. they suppose to be full of vitamins and minerals. we had some in soup with green beans, onions and leeks that i grew. trying to eat healthy.

i have done more tv binge watching while staying home the past few months. i get suggestions from others, usually my kids, on what shows to watch. or i scan the listings for a movie or series of interest. i dont pay much attention to the suggestions given to me by netflix or amazon. they dont have my interests figured out at all.

i was tryna finish this blog and my internet went out. i didnt wanna sound like a whinny customer but i called the internet people any way. the lady asked if i was on the reservation. i said yeah, she said they had a problem here and were working on it. i sat back and waited. it came on for a while then zapped out again. now its back on.

there are parts of our national government i see as corrupt. not all but some. so i made a coupla donations to a candidate running for office. now i am bombarded with requests for more money. i even get calls asking if i would take training to call voters in key states to convince they to vote. i kinda let that slide. i gotta hope there are more people in this country that have some sense than there are ones that dont.

i still havent gone to topeekie to get more chicken feed. i see that shawnee county is experiencing an increase in covid cases and transmission. i am not like how some describe the ones that stay home. i am not hiding in my basement. i go out but am careful to keep social distancing and i wear a mask.

i see art that is labeled as native art. the eagle feathers always come to a sharp point. maybe i aint been around long enough but i havent ever seen a pointed eagle feather. perhaps that is what is known as artistic license.

gonna head to o dan.