long day

we had a long day yesterday. we were gone all day. first we had to go to lawrence for andrews last soccer game. it was held outdoors. most wore face masks. andrew had a good game. he scored 3 goals and just missed two others. no one keeps score but we did. andrews team won.

all week we had planned to go to the demo derby in horton after the soccer game. the game was at 11:30. we had plenty of time when the game was over. we drove south of town to a look out tower on top of a hill. the boys havent been there. i used to go there long ago. we climbed the 3 stories to the top. we could see k u off in the distance. we didnt stay long.

we stopped to get lunch and drove up the back roads to horton. it was a nice drive thru farm land. most of the corn fields have been harvested. there were still some soybeans standing in the fields.

we got to the demo derby around 3:30. it had a start time of 4. we bought a pit pass once we got there. we had time to go see all the cars. i heard there were gonna be a few cars owned and driven by indians. we stopped and visited with them. we got to look at their cars so we would know which ones to cheer for. i seen a coupla friends i used to work with. we visited awhile.

most of the bleachers were already full. some had been there since noon. we brought our lawn chairs. we set them up by a corner of the bleachers. it afforded us a view of the track. it looked like the indian section. lotsa indians sitting in that area. thats probably why we were able to find a space so close to start time.

we filled our own little section of the indian section with our family. joe and family showed up. mary and wabeno met us.  a friend of wabenos showed up with her family. we all sat together. the kids all played together while the adults visited.

once the show got started we all got into it. the kids got off on seeing the cars crashing into each other. well the adults liked the show too. we were on the look out for the indian cars. we cheered them on. during the breaks the kids played football. andrew brought his football. of course misho had to walk to the car to get it so they could play. every one had a good time.

we left early so we wouldnt have to deal with the traffic. we got out with out sitting in a jam. we got home before 10. samuel fell asleep on the way home. he was played out from the long day.

this morning we had breakfast with wabeno. on the way over to pick her up i seen a bald eagle. it was picking at a raccoon carcass on the road by the buffalo pen. it flew off as i approached. after i picked wabeno up we went by there. i seen the eagle sitting in a big cottonwood tree off the road. i drove into the field and wabeno got some pictures. i tried to but didnt get any good ones.

it was a good weekend surrounded by family and friends.