got off the rez again

wabenokwe was home for several board meetings. i havent seen her in eight months. we had good visits with her.  we went to the demo derby on saturday. we sat with her, some of her brothers and some of the grandkids. she had a home cooked breakfast at our house on sunday and later some squirrel soup with wild rice.

we took her to the airport yesterday to catch her flight to her other home in california. there were no lapses in the conversation. after we dropped her off we stopped at a cajun restaurant. we had to wear masks until we were seated. there werent many in the place at mid afternoon. i ate blackened catfish on dirty rice. i also had a cup of gumbo, new potatoes and succatosh with sweet tea.

we were watching the chiefs play while we were eating. we listened to the game on the radio when we were driving home on the turnpike. we got home just as the 4th quarter started. the game was still on the line. we got to see the chiefs win at crunch time.

i got a call this morning. the bed company scheduled delivery of our new bed on thursday. they will set up it up that day sometime between 10 and noon. i cant wait to get moved back in our bedroom.

tomorrow i am going to early voting.   it will be held at our old bingo hall. i have voted since i was 18. maybe i missed an election or two back in my bumming around days. i havent missed any for the past 30 or 40 years. i will be glad when this election is over.  hopefully the worthless ones will get voted out. maybe thats a bit vague. hope the worst ones get voted out then.

i seen they gonna make a cartoon based on the freak brothers. flash back time. i used to read the freak brothers comics back in the day. i still have a collection of those old dope or underground comics. i have about 60 of them. for the hell of it i looked up the value of some. the prices varied from a few bucks each to over 30 or 40 dollah. righteous bucks but i will hold onto my set.

i noticed about 10 games were added to my computer. i know it had to be andrew that did put them on here. since he was little he always thought that what ever misho had was his too. he dont get on here that often though so its no big deal. i didnt delete them.

leaves are starting to fall. i am thinking about making a wire enclosure to hold leaves. it will make leaf mold. i can add that to my grow boxes next spring. the 40 trees i have in the yard can help me grow food. the only cost i will have is a little labor.

the rhode island reds and barred rock chicks i bought this spring are  bigger. they are almost the size of the hybird hens i bought. i am thinking of turning the chicks loose in the chicken house  and yard. i need to mark them. i seen some use zip ties as bands. i have plenty of them. that way i will be able to tell which are reds and which are hybrids. well the color is a giveaway but i want to be sure.

gotta see what will happen this week