i voted early

i went to early voting at our old bingo hall yesterday. i previously sent for an advance ballot. i had that cancelled after i heard that maybe they wouldnt count mail in ballots. i dont trust our government. i didnt want to take any chances. dont know if my vote will make a difference but i still want my vote counted.

there wouldnt have been much of a crowd if i voted in mayetta though. i  just prefer to vote on our rez. i would know people i seen at our old bingo hall. i said hello or nodded to most. i didnt get in much visiting because voting was taking place. i got to keep the pen i used to mark my ballot. thats better than a ‘i voted’ sticker.

i will be glad when this election is over. some people only use politics to separate themselves from others. they can use any excuse to do that. i think for many politics is only an outlet to vent their frustrations. pretty much the way sports is.

i bought a new chiefs jersey. it is an Edwards-Helaire jersey. i got it at a flea market. i seen it the last time i was there. it was selling for $45. i was interested in buying it then. it would cost 3 times that at arrow head.  last game edwards-helaire ran for 161 yards. i knew i had to have his jersey. now we just acquired a former all pro running back in le’von bell. we will be loaded at running back.

the world series has started. i got in a series pool for the first game. i won $20. i ran pools for 20 to 30 years. i rarely won any of them. then i hit this one. i let my money ride. i got into another pool for $20 a spot on the total runs of the whole series. winner walks away with 200. i only watched part of last nights game. it aint much fun when i aint got money on it.

i havent missed an opening K U basketball exhibition game in about 20 years. i probably will this year cuz of the covid. i wont get to buy a new jersey either. i should have a bunch of ku jerseys but i think my sons glommed onto them.

the bed company passed our house on their way to marties today. gps takes delivery people down there all the time. they turned around and came back. it didnt take them long to set up our new bed.  they told us to try it out. we did. i already knew i  liked it. we will sleep on the new bed tonight.

as they were leaving one of the guys asked if he could have a coupla of the habanero peppers in my grow boxes. i said yeah, after the coming freeze they will die anyway. he and the lady who drove picked some. i told them to take as many as they wanted. i have a years supply put away. they also took some anaheims. glad they could use them. i dont like to see any go to waste.

gotta start moving things back into our bedroom.