football weather

we went to andrews last flag football game on sunday. well maybe the last one. there is a chance they might get in the championship game. he likes it when we go to his games. we show him our support. it was a bit cool sunday. we had on sweaters, face masks, stocking caps and covered our legs with blankets.

the temperatures have dropped. i started a fire in our wood stove. i like the smell of the wood stove going. i add flat cedar to the top of the stove. it gives off a good aroma when it burns and its good mojo. i get my walk up and down the stairs to stoke up the fire. it was nice to wake up with a warm floor this morning. i had some wood left over from last year. it was green when it was delivered but is dry now.

it is a little brisk when i have to go feed my animals. i have two groups of chickens. i keep the chicks i bought this spring separate. they are big enough now i think to let them join the rest of the chickens. i didnt want them all pecked up. i was gonna clean some of the hybrids i bought. i havent gotten to that yet. i will though. i want some tortilla soup and/or chicken with rice.

we will take the boys to the drive thru trunk or treat this sunday at peoples park. i like that they dont have to get out of the car. we are still trying to be safe. that may be the only place we take them to. i dont see a need for them to have too much candy.

not to get ahead of the holidays but we ordered a ham and smoked turkey for next month. they wont be delivered until next week. i prefer the taste of meat from the meat processing place instead of grocery stores. we had a smoked turkey one year and i want another.  i dont care for the spiral hams. i would rather have a nice big ham.

i have been drinking indian prairie tea. besides that i am also drinking cedar tea. it is for my blood sugar. i have two flat cedar trees in my yard. i transplanted them several years back. a friend in michigan gave them to me. they are about 7 or 8 feet high now. i can use cedar off them when ever i need.

seen on the news that the largest voting block are the ones that dont vote. over 100 million out of 230 million eligible voters didnt vote in 2016. its kinda the same way in tribal elections. only about a third of our eligible voters actually vote. i dont know why that is.

seen where one of our government officials said we wont control the corona virus. well if you dont do much to stop the spread i can believe that. we are the most powerful and one of the richest nations in the world. yet smaller countries have better prevention measures than we do. there is no excuse for that.

i will keep the fire going.