almost halloween

the past few days my grand daughter cece has been with us because her school is closed. i am enjoying the time with her. she likes to tease ol misho. or i tease her. we have fun bonding together. we usually pick her up from her school every day. she stays here until one of her parents pick her up after work.

i have to clean my stove pipes. i can smell smoke, that means gotta clean them to be safe. these are the same stove pipes i used last winter. eventually i will go buy new ones. i seen the price of them have gone up to 10 bucks a section. last year it was like 8 bucks. i kinda notice that many things  have gone up in price because of the covid. some will profit off anything.

i have been uploading tunes off my cds.  all the songs on my itunes got zapped several months back. i havent had time to do that yet. i am replacing the songs i want on my playlists. i dont need every song off the cds. this is taking time. no quick way to do it. i do have to have my music. i only have one playlist to listen to while i am working or driving.

i used to like to read the comments at the end of news stories. the comments were better than the news story. they quit doing that. probably because some got out of hand with their opinions. some made a lot of sense, others were way out there.

on my short trip last week end i noticed the trains. that made me think back to my hitch hiking days. i used to bum around all over the country. once i was in portland, oregon in the wino district. now it is a revived yuppie boutique area. anyway i met some indians that i partied with for a night.

next day they said lets go to san francisco. i agreed. they said they were gonna hop a freight. i had never done that before. i said i would rather hitch. i met them in san francisco two days later. we both had a quick trip down the coast. we partied some more. i hitch hiked back up the coast. i still havent hopped a freight. now i probably never will.

i didnt mention a drive i had on the rez one day. as we were passing by the buffalo pen i noticed a buck running along parallel to our car. it kept pace ahead of us. we got to the gate and it jumped thru the fence. i dont know how the rack didnt catch on the barbed wire. it got thru and crossed the road just in front of us. it kinda slid because the pavement was slicker than running on the ground. it straightened up and took off thru the field. it was neat watching the deer run. i didnt think quick enough to get any video.

halloween is almost here. i dont dress up in a costume. if i did i  would probably go as a “liberal”. according to the political ads in kansas nothing is as scary as a ‘liberal’.  i can hear it now. ‘they coming to take our guns away’.

this old diabetic gotta be careful not eat trick or treat candy.