another month

i am always looking for a picture when i go by the buffalo pen. i seen a young calf feeding. the calves have that brighter orange looking color for a while. it is easy to spot a calf.  as they get older their color turns to a darker brown like the rest of the herd.

the nba play offs are over. so is the world series. i was kinda having some sports jones. that made me tune in the K U football game yesterday. our team is one of the youngest in the nation. we have started 17 freshman at different times. while we havent been competitive the players are gaining experience.  K U lost but i was cheering for them.

last night was  halloween. we hardly ever get anyone coming here. it takes too much time to drive around the whole rez. most just go to town or the cluster sites.  a niece and a coupla nephews stopped here last night. i scared one but i was just trying to tease them.

the grandsons went to hummer park for the drive thru trunk or treat. tonight they will go to peoples park. it too will be a drive thru. we didnt want them going door to door. and we dont want them to have too much candy.

i didnt go trick or treating when i was young. i was at boarding school.  we didnt get candy and pop. i grew up poor. it was in my later years that i started taking in sweets. our bodies are meant for all that refined sugar. it is ironic that i became diabetic in my late 50s. i probably would have been one earlier if i had candy and pop, etc at an earlier age.  now i worry about our kids. they grow up with too many sweets.

some one emailed me awhile back. they asked if i was interested in buying porcupine quills. i replied that i would be. i got back a picture of quills. the quills look like african porcupine quills. the big ones. i told them i wasnt interested in those. i wanted north american quills. plenty of time this season to still find some.

its been 4 weeks and i havent received my new glasses. i called about them and was told the lenses were on back order. thus the hold up. i still have a pair of older glasses i wear. i mainly wear them while i am reading or on the computer. otherwise i go without wearing them.

andrew’s team did get into the flag football championship game. i stayed home instead of going to the game. i want to watch the kansas city chiefs play.  i might put on my chiefs jersey to watch the game.

i will be glad this national election will be over this week. i made a donation to a candidates fund. now i am getting text messages and emails every day, all week long. they trying to recruit me to make another donation or volunteer to make calls or texts to voters. no but thanks.