election day finally

there is an old saying ‘never discuss politics or religion’. i mostly agree with that but i do talk about both at times. most people do. i imagine its better to say dont argue about politics or religion with others that have different beliefs than you. you will never win.

i know on face book i will snooze some one if they bombard my page with their  beliefs. i have my own. i really dont need some one trying to tell me how to think. i dont care for one of the candidates but i am not gonna flood my page with it. nor will i try to convince others to believe what i believe in.

i am glad this election will soon be over. it may take days to count the mail in ballots. we wont know the results tonight. it may take days to count all ballots. one thing is certain. because of the covid, there were record breaking numbers that voted early or requested mail in ballots.

our voting process isnt full of fraud.  it has worked for centuries. that isnt to say that foreign influences won’t interfere in our elections when they can.  we need to worry about domestic interference too. some local or state entities closed all but a few places to vote. there shouldnt be long lines of voters waiting hours and hours to vote. it is wrong to attempt to prevent  people from voting.  our democracy is based on the right of all to vote.

i already voted. i went to early voting at our bingo hall. i heard it suggested that mail in ballots not be counted. i didnt want to take that chance.  i cancelled my request and went to early voting so my vote would be in. i dont trust our government. basically they can do anything they want. they can get us into wars we dont want. they can pass tax breaks for the rich. they can tear gas and rubber bullet peaceful, american protesters who ask for justice, etc.

it will be nice not to hear any more of the political ads on tv. each party accuses the other of being crooked. i dont trust politicians. i imagine many have lost faith in our tribal, local, state and national governments. our systems arent corrupt. there are some opportunists that try to get into government to corrupt the system for their own benefit.

politicians created most of the messes our country faces. i paraphrase a larger reagan quote that said ‘government is not the solution, government is the problem’.  he meant “in this crisis” but it can be applied in a broader sense. i bet most of the country would love the health care, tax breaks and retirement benefits that our politicians get.

i dont think this pandemic will end any time soon no matter who is elected. the president hasnt done anything to stop it, that wont change if he is re-elected. if biden wins, there will be many who wont follow anything he does to stop it. some openly mock him.

we can see that already many wont follow safety measures such as wearing masks or practice social distancing. some will never care about their fellow man. leaders wont get us out of this. all of us together is what will be needed. we can be divided, question is can we be united.

i hope that more of the 100 million people who dont vote get out and vote. some already have. the numbers already show this.