election is over but the counting aint

we had another red sunset last night. i took several pictures with my cell phone.  it is without any filters or special effects. just the way the phone took it.

the election is over. we dont know who won yet. they are still counting the record number of mail in ballots. it will take time to count all of them. there will be lawsuits filed over the counting. we have to wait to see how all of this plays out.

life goes on no matter who wins. we will continue to live with the covid pandemic. it will take time to recover from that and the effects it has caused. the rich profited off the pandemic while many are faced with being evicted from their homes. the economy suffered because of our denial of covids potential to disrupt our lives.

we have to live with the fact that racism is out in the open. there is no longer a need to hide it. and no, people that perpetuate systemic racism dont get to decide if there is such a thing. this is considered a christian nation but some wont accept that all are created equal.

we have been the greatest country on the planet. but should we legally shoot down our own citizens, cage little kids and tear gas peaceful protesters. have we lost our humanity. we fight for our country but not its people.

we now  accept our government openly lying to us. we acknowledge our government will use everything in its power to protect its power. right or wrong. we see that lobbyists no longer need to influence law makers. they are now law makers.

democracy is based on government by majority. in reality it is government by a few. congress, the courts and the presidency can become mere tools of the rich. everyone is guaranteed a vote by our constitution, which had to be amended to reflect that. we force democracy on countries around the world. then we suppress voting of specific target groups.

we are being convinced there is such a thing as climate change. we are willing to kill the planet that gives us life. we dont have a back up planet to live on. we now believe politicians over scientists.

we are asked to make america great again. we have been great. we had a dominating influence on the world. other countries look to america for leadership. now some laugh at us. others believe they can challenge us. we broke alliances with other countries. it will take a world effort to make the world a better place.

how will our country respond to this election. no one knows. we will wait to see what happens.