got a new president

they finally finished counting the votes in pennsylvania. those 20 electoral votes are enough to make biden the next president. he also took nevada. arizona isnt done counting. biden could win that state too.  the senate race isnt over yet either.

this election had a record number of voters turn out. both parties got more votes than ever. more people wanted trump out than to keep him.  he played golf and tweeted while rome burned. biden got more votes than any president in history. protests in the streets have been replaced by celebrations.

the trump years are over. i guess that means the wall wont be built now. the budget wont get balanced. obamacare wont be replaced. maybe they will let the caged kids go home now.

question is what will trump do in the months until bidens’ swearing in. i bet he pardons his convicted friends. he will write more executive orders for big business. etc.  no doubt he will continue to file lawsuits trying to over rule vote counts. he will try to convince all that our democratic voting system is fraudulent.

i havent identified with either party. for most of my life i registered as an independent. i never voted straight party lines. i live in a red state. no matter who i vote for, this state’s electoral votes will always go to the republicans. some thought a democrat had a shot at winning a senate seat. but this is a red state and it didnt happen.

question now is what will this mean. life will go on. the people at the bottom will stay at the bottom. racism is out in the open. we are setting daily records for positive covid tests. that will have to be dealt with. many dont want to wear masks or practice social distancing. a new president wont change that.

today i will catch my hybrid chickens. i will band them so i dont mistake them for the rhode island reds i have. after that is done i will let the reds and barred rocks out into the yard with the rest of the chickens. they will be on the same layer feed from now on.

we will start cleaning chickens when our new ones lay eggs. the old hybrids arent laying that much. bout an egg or two a day. they arent earning their keep. they will make nice soup though. we have fed them a few months.

today i got my leslie west cd in the mail. it is ‘the great fatsby’. i have to have it to reload his version of ‘house of the rising sun’. it has a great horn section on it. it is my favorite version of that song. it is in my top ten on my play list.

i have to add a new layer to my worm composting system. i will use shredded cardboard as bedding. i have plenty of boxes i get from things i order off amazon. i have a shredder that will take care of the card board.

yep life goes on.