fall season

it must be fall. my yard is full of leaves. i am trying to psych myself up to rake the leaves up. i could easily get several large trash bags full. i would use them to make another compost pile. i have one already and it shrunk down to half its size. it is almost ready to use. probably no such thing as having too much compost.

i planted most of the trees in the yard. i took care of them. they can now help me in my gardening. all those leaves could be put to good use.  the leaf mold would be ready by spring. i can add it and my worm castings to my grow beds as new organic matter.

used to be as soon as the leaves started falling i would go squirrel hunting. that was one of the  first things i did every fall. i havent gone the last few years. i could use the walk, i have been slacking lately. now that i am getting older it takes more effort. my dog hasnt been following me the past few years. he too is getting old. he barely walks.

one of my sons went out squirrel hunting the other day. he didnt see any. while he was gone i seen one running in my front yard. i couldnt shoot at it because he had my .22. i will get that squirrel one of these days. it is fattening up on my acorns and walnuts.

i havent been out in the timber since spring time when i was after mushrooms. little soldier crick aint running. there are pockets of water in crick bends. there is water backed up by the bridge. a beaver made dams in the crick several years ago. they must still hold some water. the animals are going up to our pond. i imagine the standing water in the crick is getting stagnant.

i watched the chiefs game yesterday. they squeaked by with a two point victory. thats okay. you only have to win by one point. i am glad that they arent doing the tomahawk chop. maybe they still are but you dont hear it as much on tv.

i picked up some meat at the locker we go to. i asked about the smoked turkey and ham we ordered. i was told they dont order them until the week of thanksgiving. i said ok that will work. we will cook them for our family dinner. i also like to have indian corn soup, wild rice, dried squash, kakasuwabo and nenwezhek. i really enjoy our thanksgiving meal.

i banded my older chickens. now i know which ones i will butcher. we will get to that chore one of these days. i have been hungry for tortilla soup. and cant beat chicken and rice. i let the chicks i got this spring out into the yard. they are as big as, if not bigger than the hybrids.  they wont get pecked up. they are still shy about joining the rest.  they will get used to it.

what will this week bring?

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