got a fire going

today is veterans day. i had to think of my brother larry, as i do often. he served in viet nam and was awarded the purple heart. he wrote a book about his experiences titled ‘potawatomi tracks’.  now the book is selling for $961 on amazon. or $801.77 used. thats how it goes. he had trouble selling it for 20 bucks. the rip offs glomming on are profiting more from his experience than he did. honor our vets eh.

larrys book made me aware that i havent been writing mine. i  blog every other day to practice writing. i better force myself to  get back to my book. i am not getting any younger. i want to leave the story i have to tell behind. i gotta have my book on the shelf next to gary and larrys books. we all have different styles of writing.

when i traveled thru the southwest i enjoyed  the food there. now i have to have green chiles on lotsa cooking. i also developed a taste for mutton. either cooked with fry bread and a roasted pepper on the side or as mutton stew. the only place around here i can get mutton is at the haskell pow wows. i have been looking for a place where i can buy mutton. i seen one place that sells lamb but it costs more.

i have gone to a coupla flea market places. wearing a face mask of course. i have so many of them. when i check out, they ask me if i would like to round it up to the nearest dollar. they give this money to a charity. i thought if i keep it i could put it to good use too. but i always give to good causes. thats good mojo.

it has been cool enough that i made a fire in the wood stove. it is nice to wake up to a house with a warm floor. i replaced the stove pipes before i started the fire.  i went to a home improvement store. the stove pipes were priced higher than ones advertised at the feed store. i saved 5 bucks by driving half a mile to the feed store. i save where ever i can so i can spend that money on something else.

now that i have a fire going i make more trips up and down the basement stairs. i have done a few sets on the weight machine while down there. i might get in more reps while keeping the fire going. older people also need weight training. it helps with balance and strength. i do it  to burn calories. walking hasnt made me lose any weight. i will hit the treadmill anyway.

temps will be in the mid 50s today. our plan is to clean some of the hybrid chickens. at least 4. they arent laying many eggs. they wont let the rhode island reds and barred rocks eat. these will  be my main egg layers for the next few years. so the hybrids gotta become soup. it dont take us long to clean chickens. i have done that plenty of times.

gotta get a fire going outside to heat the water to dip the hens in. then the plucking starts.