cleaned chickens n got wood

we cleaned chickens yesterday. i let out the rhode island reds and barred rocks. the hybrid chickens wouldnt let them eat, so it was time to clean the hybrids. they werent laying eggs anyway. they are a breed that was suppose to give lotsa eggs. they didnt roost either they stayed on the ground.

it took less than two hours to clean six chickens. i have two left that i can butcher later this winter. i made a fire outside to heat the water. i hung the hens up on the clothes line pole. i cut their heads off with a sharp knife.  we plucked the feathers after they bled out. we then butchered them.

we bagged up breasts, legs and thighs and wings. we had a bag for backs and necks. we will use those to make chicken broth that we will can for soup. we put the bags in the freezer for meals this winter.

as an elder i get wood from the tribe. and i appreciate that. the bottom pile of wood in this picture is what they brought me this year. i am not one to complain. i even pointed that out when i called a tribal official about this. i said i only got about half a pick up load of wood.

for the past few years its been like that for me. i get half a load of wood when i seen big piles in some yards. or i get all green wood with no dry to keep it going. or logs that are too long for my stove. or small chunks of wood. some times i get wood that burns quick and leaves no coals. i said i aint asking for any more than others i just wanna be treated the same as every one else.

i hung up i thought that was it. bout a week later one of our home boys brought me a nice load of dry elm and oak. it was about 4 or 5 times bigger than the first pile. i told him i appreciate a good load of wood. i said the first pile would only last a coupla weeks then i would have to call for more. i said this pile would last at least a month. i was happy.

then this morning i heard a truck outside. i looked and seen they were had a load of hack berry.  they did drop it off though. last year someone was bringing a load and seen i had some laying on the ground. this old guy didnt toss it into the basement yet. they drove off with it. i had to call again a week or so later to order more wood.

now i have the two piles of wood in the top of the picture. it will last me most of this remaining calendar year. i only burn about 6 or 7 loads of wood a year. i heard some got like 16 loads of wood last year. i couldnt burn that much if i tried. i wasnt asking for more than others. i dont want to worry about staying warm when it is cold. i would do it myself but i am old, got arthritis and am diabetic. i help others when i can. i dont like asking for help but i wont beg for it either.

have a good day

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