deer meat hanging

we were given some deer meat. it is considerate that some hunters try to hook up older people with fresh meat. ol’ misho dont get out to hunt any more. we were given two hind quarters, one front quarter and the back strap.  i gave the young hunter a container of sema i grew. i told him i really appreciated being thought of.

i was asked previously if i wanted some.  some guy told us he would bring some so i replied no. but that didnt materialize. this time i took it. a friend of mine that is gone now used to bring me deer meat every winter. when he was alive i always ate deer meat.

i hung the meat up on my screened in porch. i want it to cure a few days before i cut it off the bone. i will dice up some for stew meat to go into chili.  we will barbeque some. i will make deer jerky with some of it. our freezer is full from our stocking up for the year. we will have some room for the deer meat.

i was also given the deer hide. previously i told these hunters i needed a hide. most hides get tossed. i put this hide in my rain barrel. it will soak it a day or two before i scrape it. i will use the raw hide to make miniature hand drums. these little drums are about 3 inches wide. the kind one would probably hang from the rear view mirror in the car. or just hang on the wall. i put one on our christmas tree.

we cut up part of the back strap and made corn soup with it. we already had some dried indian corn soaking. we were gonna use buffalo roast for the soup but changed our minds when we got the deer. we gonna have the buffalo roast today. my grandson andrew really likes our corn soup.  he takes a lot of pride in knowing he helps us grow our corn. he has helped his misho since he was a little guy.

when i was younger there werent many deer around here. if you seen one, you would still talk about it a few weeks later. now they are so common its rarely mentioned. back then a hunter shot a deer. he tracked it all day until he found it. you didnt waste that life. meat was precious in them days. we didnt get per cap.

i got an ad from the heirloom seed company. i save seeds from things i grow. or i buy them from this company. i prefer to grow heirloom veggies. the ad i got was for their next years’ seed catalog. all i had to do was give them my email address. so i did. now i wait a few months and i will have a new seed catalog.

my chickens have settled down. they get all agitated when we do some thing like cleaning chickens. or if raccoons get in the chicken house. now they are calm. they go into the yard to eat. the hybrids we cleaned wouldnt let them eat.

i usually wonder what the next week will bring. this week i know i will be busy again.

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