cut up the deer meat

we cut the deer meat off the bones of the hind and front quarters we were given. the back strap is already stored away. we cut the big pieces and bagged them up as roasts or meat to fry. we diced up the small pieces and made stew meat. we will put that in stew or chili.

we cut thinner pieces to make deer jerky. i have that marinating in a home made sauce. i put a little habanero sauce in it to give it some zing. we have made jerky in the oven. i may do that again or use a food dehydrator. i bought a coupla them at garage sales. i  used one to dry red anaheim peppers. another time i dried cherry tomatoes. i am sure the jerky will turn out okay.

it didnt take long to cut the meat off the bone and bag up. we have done that enough times. it hung on the porch for a few days to cure. it didnt have that gamey smell when we were cutting it. nor will it have that gamey taste when we are eating it. thats why we cure it out first.

mary used her food saver vacuum bags to store all the meat. we put them into the freezer.  now we have squirrel. buffalo, turtle, fresh chicken and deer meat. we will get out what we need for what ever dish we are cooking.

i saved a few pieces of sinew. not tryna be all tradish but i want to try using some. mary might also. i wish i would have cut the sinew off the back strap. there were long pieces on it. i was also given the legs of the deer. i will cut off the toes and dew claws. i use them in crafts.

i ordered another knife sharpener rod. the one we had is probably cooked. its time for a new one. gotta have sharp knives in the kitchen. nothing as aggravating as picking up a knife that wont cut.

next i will have to scrape the hair off the deer hide i have. first i gotta scrape the meat side clean. i have scraped enough hides that it wont take long. i will use the rawhide to make miniature hand drums. that will become inventory for a stand i will have when ever pow wows start again. gotta have smalls for the stand. not many carry enough shonya to make a big purchase like a roach.

since our chickens arent laying we have been buying eggs from the feed store. the old guy that works there sells them. they come from his chickens. we have to have fresh eggs. our chickens better start laying soon. i feed and water them everyday. they gotta take care of my breakfast needs.

this indian gotta go to  town. the check engine light came on. i am hoping it is just something simple. the car is under warranty. it should be covered.  i dont like going to town nowadays. but i gots to go. i need my car.