had to get off the rez

had to go to town this morning. we refilled our water bottles. i know some say it is the same as tap water. well they should drink my tap water. i can smell the chemicals in it sometimes. after a shower my skin itches because the water dries my skin out. i have to put lotion on as soon as i get out of the shower.

i can also taste the tap water when i drink my coffee. or indian tea. thats why i go fill up our water jugs for drinking water. i want to enjoy the taste of my fresh ground coffee and my indian tea. i had to wear a mask at the water place. i got no problem with that. i actually prefer that. i wont go to a place where no one wears a mask.

we seen a coupla garage sales. even if it is late in the season, still some one has garage sales. i bought some pastel chalks for a good price. if i dont use them for art work, i know my grand kids will have fun with them. i also found some crayons. my grand daughters like to color. i have their pictures hanging on my walls.

while in town i drove around. i remember my doctor saying my car was the safest place in town. driving around is how i found the garage sales. i noticed that people are already putting up christmas decorations. i havent even had my turkey yet.

i did buy a santa hat at one garage sale. i put it on a carved, wooden bear i have in my living room. i bought that at a flea market. we put a new years hat on it on new years eve. we also put a mask on it during halloween. now it is being santa. my grand kids look to see how the bear is fixed up.

i had to take my rav4 to the dealers. the check engine light came on. turns out the gas cap wasnt sealing right. they replaced the seal and it works fine now. they charged me $94 for that little job. the warranty didnt cover that. oh well now i know there is nothing wrong with my car. on the rez, kids drive newer cars than old people do. but old folks keep their cars longer.

dont know if this is true or not but i heard mayetti was getting a dollar general. we cant keep stores in business but one of these stores is coming to town. thats the way it is for small towns. you cant buy healthy food but can always get pop and junk food. kinda like our convenience store. once we had a subway there. but we wanted grease not healthy food.

thats kinda funny. i dont want to say whether or not if something is true or not. i dont wanna tell a lie. but in todays world it is acceptable for people to lie, especially our politicians. if some scandal comes up involving famous people, all they gotta do is just deny it ever happened. people now are willing to accept that. is that what we have become? it used to be that a mans word was everything.

will see what happens next.