made deer jerky

our deer jerky is done. we ended up with half a gallon.  i used a food dehydrator i bought at a garage sale. i bought it because it had different settings including one for jerky. good thing it worked. i have bought duds before.  i couldnt pass on this one at the price i saw.  i think its sacrilegious to sell broke stuff at garage sales.

i fixed a batch of marinating sauce. i used soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, worcestershire sauce, cajun seasoning and a coupla splashes of my habanero sauce. i cant give out my recipe because i didnt measure anything. i just tossed in what looked right to me. 

i put the deer meat in a freezer bag with my secret sauce. it marinated for a day or so. then i put it in my cheap but effective food dehydrator. it took about 5 hours and had the texture of jerky. i let it set overnight.

i tried it this morning. that was the real test. it tasted good to me. and i didnt have to pay mucho dinero for a small sack of it. it wasnt hot even though i put some habanero in it. next time i will put more habanero sauce in it. 

now i wanna defrost some deer and make more jerky. or maybe try some of that buffalo roast. we usually save it for corn soup. we have to make room in our freezer. we will empty it out over the winter.

the meat processing place called. our smoked turkey and ham was ready to be picked up. we bought a smoked turkey before and really like the taste.  they cost more but are worth it. the home raised hams from meat places taste much better than the spiral cut hams.  i dont care for spiral hams at all.

we had already gone to town the day before but we went after the turkey and ham  any way. we dropped them off at our sons house because our freezer is full. we didnt have room for them. we will have them this coming week for thanksgiving dinner.

hope my militant friends dont go off thinking i celebrate the day. no need to sing the aim song. or use terms like ‘decolonize’. we do it to have a family get together. the same with other holidays. we like to get together and have indian food like nenwezhek, dried corn soup, wild rice and dried squash. that plus the turkey and ham.

i always used to want to have someone dress up as pilgrims and serve us our thanksgiving meal. that never happened. it probably wont ever happen either. just my twisted sense of humor.

i am looking forward to the big meal.  at my weight i dont need it. but i have gone hungry enough times in my life that i can really appreciate a good meal when i have one.