fall afternoon

it was a nice fall afternoon yesterday. andrew wanted to play catch with the football. the girls decided the leaves misho didnt rake up would be fun to toss in the air. they always have fun playing outside when they are here. gotta enjoy the outside weather before winter rolls in.

i still have to toss wood into the basement. now i have two big piles of it after i called about a small load. i hope i wont be viewed as one of those mean ones who will raise hell if they dont get something. thats who get everything around here. but i aint like that. i never complain. when i get something i appreciate it. i lived here when we had nothing. i do think that everyone should be treated equally though.

i want to have at least a months supply of wood in the basement. when an extended cold snap comes i dont want to go outside to get wood. or if it snows or ices up.  i will never forget when i needed more wood in the basement after an ice storm. the wood was covered with a layer of ice. it was cold while throwing it in. then it had to thaw and dry  out before i could use it.

i stack the wood along the basment walls. it is with in reach when i want to stoke up the fire. wood neatly stacked outside may look rustic but i prefer to have it where i can use it.   moving that wood and stacking it will be a chore, but keeping busy is what keeps me going.

i watched the kansas city chiefs football game last night. they didnt play last week so i was jonesing. it was a close game but i had confidence in our quarterback when the game was on the line. it was too close for comfort but i was happy with the win. i wore my new chiefs jersey for good luck.

i am looking forward to thanksgiving dinner this week. actually it isnt at dinner time cuz we will eat around noon or one o’clock. we will eat at my sons house. our oven went out so we have to cook somewhere else.  his house is roomier than ours. we ate there last year too.

while we are eating we will be able to watch K U ‘s first basketball game. it will be against gonzaga, who is ranked number one. our team will knock off that over rated program. this year will be the first time in years that i havent gone to our opener in allen field house. i wont be able to buy a new jersey either. i dont have a favorite player yet.

if i am looking forward to basketball that must mean i gave up on K U football. i am a fan but i kinda did. i think they will be good in a few years. gotta give miles a chance to turn this team around.

will see what this week brings.