day before thanksgiving

back in the hippie days they would put on free eats. i guess for hungry hippies. they would call it ‘the big eat’.  i call any feast like thanks giving that. tomorrow we will have our big eat. its not so much a day of thanks giving. to indians thanks giving was a season. we are always grateful for what we have. not just a day or a season.

i have gone hungry many times in my life especially in my bumming around days. i was always skinny. some may not believe that today. i  appreciate anything that i eat. i hear kids and big people today that say i dont want that. we had to eat what was in front of us or we didnt eat. there wasnt a choice.

my daughter wont be home but we will be with our sons and grand kids. we will serve mostly indian foods. dried corn soup with buffalo, nenwezhek, dried squash and wild rice besides our turkey and ham. i would say that cranberries are an indian food too.

during this pandemic our government refused to help the masses. they gave most of the money to the rich. there wasnt much left to help the poor and middle class. they were suffering from the effects of the pandemic the government wouldnt acknowledge. millions lost jobs. some are about to lose their home. our government didnt seem to care. some did but in our system they were out voted by the ones in power.

people that do care have been having food give aways. the lines are backed up, sometimes for miles for these events. the president bragged the dow jones hit 30,000 for the first time ever. i wonder what the people in line for food or are about to be evicted from their homes think of this prosperity.

topeekie used to put on a free thanksgiving dinner for the community. i think that has been cancelled due to the covid. i heard now they are giving away free frozen dinners. that is good for the people that need it. communities still try to help their own.

i hope that people have enough to eat every day. not just on this one day. it will take a while for the economy to recover from the losses it suffered. i think of the homeless that live under the overpasses in many cities through out this country. it dont seem right in this greatest country in the world. none should be hungry.

i have been getting calls and emails from blood banks. they want my O positive blood. donors arent stepping up because of the covid. i usually donate to the blood drives on the rez. that aint happening during this time. i called the topeka blood bank to schedule an appointment. they got me and my son william coming in on monday. i will do the double cell thing where they hook me up to a machine. gotta give something back eh.

i hope i dont eat too much tomorrow. the day of glut in this country seems obscene in a world where many go hungry.