day after thanksgiving

we had a good get together yesterday. we had our big eat. was it for thanksgiving or was it a family get together. does it really matter. we get together often. and not just on specific holidays.

we had the smoked turkey and ham we bought. they cost more than from the grocery store but were worth it. the taste is so much better. besides having them we also had kakasuwabo, nenwezhek, wild rice, corn soup and dried squash. i like those indian foods. thats why i raise them. well i get my wild rice from up north. the rest i raise or pick. we also had cranberries and pie.

the grand kids played all day. i sat in the living room to watch the K U basketball game. it was no fun to watch. our jayhawks got beat. i always thought that gonzaga was an over rated team that didnt play anyone. not this year. we will find out if this game was a fluke next week when they play baylor.

K U plays again today at 1. i will watch that game too. its very unlikely we will lose two games in a row. the betting line has us up by 19 and half points. so that means i will have something to cheer about today.

i had some left over ham this morning for breakfast. the ham was still good. we will have ham and beans some other time. then probably burritos with the left over beans.

sounds like i enjoy eating. well i do. i have said i have gone hungry many times in my life. i appreciate food now. i got on the scale this morning. my weight was down a pound from two days ago. so i didnt over eat. my weight didnt go up. i am glad about that. i havent been walking lately. time  to fire up the tread mill.

today is black friday. i wasnt lined up at any stores. i did get on amazon for a while. i got tired at looking at things that didnt seem to be on sale. i clicked off after a few pages. maybe i will get back on later.

monday i am heading to topeekie. i signed up to donate blood. i have been getting calls and emails for the past few months. they after my blood big time. i figure if i donate they will leave me alone for a few months. i usually donate my red blood cells or whatever it is when they hook me up to the machine. i do this because back in my wino days i used to sell my plasma for my next drink. now i do it for the right reason i hope. that is to help some one that needs it.

one of the home boys stopped by the other day. he had some deer meat if we wanted. we turned it down because we didnt have room in the freezer. we put away food all year long. we freeze, dry or can food. we are not self sufficient but we can eat something we grew or picked all year.

gotta get ready for the k u game.