almost december

kicking back waiting on the kansas city chiefs game. i know they will give me something to cheer about. i am a K U football fan but  their season is over. they will be good down the road. the chiefs are good today. we will have our  pre game meal of chicken wings.

i am still working on my playlists. i have most of the songs off my cds down loaded to my computer. i have more to go. it will take me awhile to get all in. then i have to recreate my play lists. sad to say but i did lose a few songs.

i had to move a book shelf into my bedroom. i didnt have a place to put my cds. i have piles of them. i know cds are a relic of the past. they do have most of the music i want to listen to. i am not into todays music. that probably ages me but so what. i am older. i want my music. i got no musical talent at all but that hasnt stopped me from loving music my whole life.

in my prowling around days i used to stop and listen to street musicians. i thought it was good mojo to drop some change into their hat. once while we were traveling we stopped to hear one horn player. he said he had been all around the world playing music. he said he could play anything. he said name a tune and he could play it. i said how bout ‘night train’ by jimmy forrest. that tune came out in the same year i was born in.

the guy looked stumped. he asked me how it went. i said i got no musical skills to hum a few bars. anyway he didnt know that tune. he played something else. i dropped some coins into his hat anyway. maybe his next trip around the world he can catch that tune.

speaking of traveling. i havent done much traveling at all this year. i think a day trip or two. that is about it. i dont know when i will be able to take a long road trip. most likely i will have to wait on that.

lately we had a few people stop by for various reasons. each one wore a face mask. i was thankful that they were considerate enough to do that for us. they understand we have been staying home. they also know we are older and got some health problems.

the weather lady said we might have had our last warm day. i sat up when i heard that. i thought damn. i had the past week to toss wood into the basement. my mother used to say it was no good to say pama. i said pama for a week. now i will have to toss wood in when its cooler weather. that will make me work faster to get it done. but i dont feel the cold all that much when i am busy.

gotta donate my red blood cells tomorrow.