almost next year

we got some ice. it covered the tree limbs of my red bud tree and red willow  bushes. our car windows were covered too. it was enough to make us stay home. as if we havent been for most of this year. its a good thing i am a home body. staying home dont bother me. after my years of bumming around i can appreciate having a home.

the only thing colder than ice was congress’ response to increasing the $600 stimulus checks. they didnt just say no, they said hell effin no. it was a nifty sleight of hand. they dangled the possibility of raising it to $2000. then pulled it back saying it would be vetoed and we would get nothing.  the bill was signed.  now many are breathing a sigh of relief we getting the original 600 instead of being mad at how meager it is.

jackson county is the county our rez is located in. recently it passed the 1000 mark for positive covid cases. not a big number but we only have 13,000 in the whole county. even out in the sticks one can be exposed to the virus. covid numbers on our tribes website havent changed. dont know if that means we are flattening the curve or not. maybe thats why some dont wear masks.

the promised 20 million doses of covid vaccine by the end of the year aint gonna happen. i think they saying now it will only be like 2 million given. something to do with logistics of how it can be done. giving millions of flu shots every year is never a problem. we are still a long way from giving over 70% of the population the vaccine. they say that is necessary to make it effective. dont know how true that is.

our tribe got some doses of the covid vaccine. first ones to get it were guv’ment people. then first responders. then ‘essential’ workers. we are gonna get some more doses. they are saying more for essential workers first.

the rest is up for grabs kinda. people without titles and worth might be able to get a shot now. you have to call in for an appointment to get a shot if you meet certain criteria. i figure what the hell, being over 65 years old i meet one of the criteria. i called in to have my name added to the list. that doesnt necessarily mean i will get one. but i will be on the list. it wont be the ‘me first’ list though.

i watched a show on the year 2020. it was a well written satire. i was laughing thru most of it. you have to laugh. it was indeed a strange year. no one could make this stuff up. no matter what, life goes on.

i have to get to town one of these days. i need oyster shells. it is a grit that chickens need. it helps with making better egg shells. i am getting several eggs a day. the eggs are small. they will get bigger, especially after i get the oyster shells.

what will the year 2021 bring? i say the only reason i stick around is i want to see what happens next.

end of the year coming

i was asked a question by one of my relatives.  i explained i didnt know the answer. i will admit when i dont know. i have heard others try to make up a story to give the illusion they knew the answer rather than confessing they didnt have a clue. i wont do that. i guess i gotta go to the village elders like they do in the movies.

that reminds me of a bureaucratic setting i was in once. they were running down this program on indians. i suspect it was created by non natives who ‘knew’ indian ways that would set these indians straight. it was a one size that fits all. it didnt allow that different tribes had different beliefs.

any time someone questioned it, the response was always ‘i guess you are saying the elders are wrong’ or ‘we can bring the elders here to tell you’. that ended any discussion. none of the indians wanted to sound like a heretic that questioned the ‘elders’. the ones running the program knew and counted on this.

we threw in more wood into the basement. they are predicting a wintry mix of snow and ice tomorrow. we will have only one day with 50 degree weather in the next ten days. our house will be warm. i still have to stack the wood and cut some kindling for fire starters. another chore to keep me busy.

i watched the chiefs game yesterday. again it was too close for comfort. some fans are grumbling. i dont know how you can whine about a team that is 14-1 with a first round bye in the play-offs and has home field advantage. every other team would love to be in that enviable position.

KU mens basketball team wont play until this saturday. they got to spend time with their families over the holidays. that should help them.  i cant wait to watch that game against 8th ranked texas. some jayhawk fans whine about this team too. guess they miss that KU is ranked 3rd in the nation.  half of their victories were over ranked teams.

i guess the stimulus deal was signed. that means only a $600 check and not $2000. that wont do much. i dont agree with it but like most others i will take my check. it will pay for the porcupine hair i got today and leave a little to spend. i wont boost the economy very much.  forgive me if i dont sound real grateful. i would be if the ones that really need help got what the top 1% got.

our government wont shut down either.  damn. their paychecks will continue even if they wont do much other than appease their big money donors. they try to create suspense about rather or not they will be funded. get real. they will always find money to continue their ride on the gravy train. i know i dont breathe a sigh of relief when their funding comes in.

got chores to do.

keeping the fire going

we have had many red sunsets this past year. dont know why. i go outside and see one and i have to get a picture of it. i like the leaf less trees in front of the sun set. makes a good picture. i like this one with red, yellow and blue in it.

we are keeping the wood stove going. sounds like a lot of work but it isnt. we got the technique down. we take turns going down the stairs to fix up the fire. we can keep the same fire going for weeks if we have to. we stoke it up at night and have coals in the morning to get the fire going again.

i remember a time we were down  at the dance ground. that was when we used wood stoves to heat the building. some people felt cold and wanted a fire going. i got up to do it. mom said dont do that. i asked why. she said everyone would be watching and would know if i couldnt make a fire. i kinda laughed and went ahead. i got it going in no time. i told mom i have made many fires in my lifetime.

this afternoon we will throw more wood into the basement. we did that once this winter. we used most of that wood. we need to replenish our supply. it hasnt gotten that cold yet this winter. it will get colder.

we want to be ready for the coming cold. it will be 55 degrees today. temps wont be in the 50s again at least for the next 10 days. temps at night will be below freezing. when the weather is cold outside, a warm fire in the house is a blessing.

my rhode island reds and barred rocks are giving back. i have been feeding and watering them for the past few months. now they are laying fresh eggs for me. the eggs are small but they will get bigger. i built three sections of egg boxes. i didnt check one. yesterday i found a dozen eggs in that section. now i will check all the egg boxes. my hens are earning their keep.

dont know if the $600 stimulus checks will be in the mail in a few days. now they may or may not be sent for awhile. there is talk that could change to $2000. that may hold it up. talk is cheap. congress has found plenty of money to give to the rich but cant seem to find any for those that really need it. half of congress are millionaires compared to only 1% of the country. they arent missing any pay checks. they cant relate to the real problems that people face.

there wont be any jayhawk basketball until january 2nd. the team will go to their homes for a break. they will be ready for the league when they get back to school. i think they will become a real good team before this year is over. they have the talent and the coaching. the league is gonna be tough but you always have to beat KU to get to the top.

gotta do my chores.

almost christmas

we havent had a fire going in our wood stove lately. it was gonna be 22 degrees last night so i started a fire.  it was cold outside but it was pleasant in our house. we woke up this morning and the house wasnt cold. it will be 11 degrees tonight. you can bet we will be keeping the wood stove going.

we didnt get the last snow they predicted. now they are predicting snow this coming tuesday and wednesday. we will have to throw more wood into the basement. saturday it will be 53 degrees, that is the warmest it will be this week. we will toss the wood in on that day.

i try to keep a months worth of wood stacked in the basement.  we dont have to go outside to get wood if its like 20 degrees below zero . or if it snows or ices over, we dont have to worry about the wood pile covered in it. one time the wood pile was frozen solid in ice. good thing we had wood inside to keep the fire going.

i will also go out and get kindling for firestarters. i have been picking up the dried elm branches in the yard. we had some elm trees that died. we cut them up. the branches are whats left. they make good fire starters. we also put them on the coals to get the fire going again after the wood is burned down.

it was real windy the past few days. i think they said up to 50 mile an hour winds. it felt like it. andrews basketball goal we put up held. it did get turned a bit. they were some strong winds. i am glad we put all that sand in the base.

yesterday while i was feeding the chickens i went into the chicken house. i havent checked the egg boxes lately. this time i found 3 eggs. the first eggs are usually smaller. they will be nice big brown eggs soon. i am glad they finally laying. i think the guy that sold them to me kinda lied about how old they were. at first he said they were 3 months old. then he changed that to two months old. maybe they werent even that.

i used a vegetable chopper to cut up a wilted salad. i added coffee grounds to it. i took that to my worms. i probably will add another layer to the worm farm i have. the bottom layer looks ready to use as worm castings. i want another layer at least before growing season.

its christmas eve tonight. the grandsons are going back to their mother. they already opened their presents here. they enjoy whatever we give them. we are giving to them all year long. not just this day. or season. we did take them to see the christmas lights at lake shawnee and the potwin neighborhood. they liked it but were ready to go home after that.

gotta get out and do my chores. my animals depend on me for that.

had a sleep over

we had a sleep over last night. our grand daughters wanted to come over. the best present we can give each other is our time. they spent the night.  i pulled out the air mattress and inflated it. they have slept on it before. they sleep in the living room. kinikwe was tired early but wouldnt give up until late.

when ever the girls are here i dont get to watch tv. miamikwe hands me the remote and points at the tv. i have to tune in cartoons for her. i dont mind. as long as i get to watch K U play tonight. gotta have my jayhawk basketball.

i wont be getting the porcupine quills from a trapper. i will wait until i hear from another trapper to see if i can buy some. i want to try quill work this winter. i think it is a nice art to try. i figure the trappers already have the porcupines. they just need to pull the quills that would otherwise go to waste.

adversity brings out the best or the worst in people. we seen how our government acted during this pandemic. they denied the virus existed. the only action they took was to give trillions of dollars and tax breaks to large corporations. as an after thought they gave 1200 bucks to average citizens to last the coming year.

they took no more action until they rushed a supreme court justice thru. then went home. they came back to be first in line to get the covid vaccine. they dont believe in putting the people first. they take credit for the vaccine like it is gonna save every one right now. reality is only 20 million out of 330 million will get the vaccine by the end of the year. most wont get it until next year.

now congress acted like they gallantly stayed late and worked hard to come up with another relief package. they had all year to do this but both parties only played politics at the expense of the american people. this time they decided to only give half as much to individual tax payers. the first $1200 didnt go far, this $600 wont go much further.

during this pandemic some protested because they couldnt get a haircut. you dont hear any thing from them about this $600 stimulus check. it is peanuts.  the top 1% profited over a trillion dollars off this pandemic. people that need help do need help. the miles long food lines are running out of food. they give all they can to feed people but our government can only give $600.

this is suppose to be a season of giving. our government can tax the poor and middle class but dont want to give much if any thing in return. they wont tax the rich who they really answer to. taxes fund the government. our government forgets that. people pay for everything our government leaders benefit from.

oh well life goes on. people that have done with out can do with out.

wild turkeys, buffalo n basketball

spent a coupla hours today setting up a basket ball goal. we chipped in to get andrew this goal. thats what he wanted for christmas. i seen that on his wish list. i wasnt gonna wait til christmas to give it to him.  i wanted him to use it before he went back to his other home in lawrence.

it didnt take long to assemble it. actually it took longer filling the base with sand. i asked my niece who lives on the west 20 if we could have some of her sand. she has a pile of it in her grand kids’ playground. we could have used water to fill the base. that would have been easier.  i didnt want to take a chance it would freeze and possibly expand enough to crack the base.

we filled up three 5 gallon buckets and a trash can full of sand. it took all of it to fill the base. we used a funnel to drop the sand into the small fill hole. after we got that done it felt heavy enough to with stand some wind. we will find out in the next day or two. weatherman says we gonna have 30 mile an hour winds coming.

we seen a bald eagle fly over as we finished. good mojo. we didnt have any pieces left over, nor did we force any to fit. we saved a hundred bucks setting it ourselves. if the company that made it came out we would have had to pay them. i knew we could get it done especially if they included the instructions and all the pieces.

as soon as we were done, andrew came out with his basketball. i shot some video of him shooting. i also got one of him standing beneath his new basket  ball goal. he sure likes his present. he will have two days of 60 degree weather the next two days to practice. he is on winter break.

i wanted to get done before the chiefs came on. i dont wanna miss any games this year. we are lucky we have streaming. i am saving over a hundred dollars a month by cutting cable.  but i can still watch my favorite teams–the chiefs and jayhawks play.

i was coming home the other day and seen some wild turkeys down the road. they were crossing near the bridge over little soldier creek. we stop there for a rest when we walk. there were at least a dozen turkeys in this bunch. i didnt have a gun at the time. that figures. you always see game when you aint got a gun on you.

i took a picture of our buffalo again. i was passing by and seen them close to the fence. i dont like to have barb wire in the picture. i walk up to the fence so it looks more natural. i didnt get too close. i noticed there were calves in the herd. didnt wanna end up like that tourist lady who lost her pants trying to get closer.

will see what this week brings.

off the reservation

dont know exactly what being off the reservation means when they use that term in movies.  maybe it means not being a good, little indian. hell i dont know. i was off the reservation today though.  i had to go to topeekie. like the old days i didnt just go for one reason. i needed chicken feed. i had to refill our water jugs.

i also went to buy a basketball goal for andrew. i knew he wanted one from seeing his christmas wish list he wrote at school. his basketball season was cut short due to the covid.  he can practice shooting and dribbling around here. over the years i poured concrete by the garage pad so that it could be used for basketball.

the goal, back board and stand was boxed up. it was too big for a regular shopping cart. i needed help loading it. i had to put the back seats down for it to fit into the rav4. this goal requires assembly. no problemo. i will put it together. i know andrew will stand by making sure it gets done.

i also got something to eat whilst in the big city.  i stopped at a burger place in north topeekie. we used to go there over the years. once it was a hang out for some gang. they didnt mess with us indians though. i go there now because they serve catfish sandwiches.

i parked out front to eat and watch traffic go by. i dont like to eat while i am driving. after i was done i headed back to the rez. well i did make one more stop to get some lottery tickets. my only form of gambling these days. i only play the kansas lotteries. the odds arent as bad as the multi-state ones. smaller pay outs but i dont need 350 gazillion bucks to be happy.

hitting the lottery is my only ticket off the rez. well i doubt i will ever leave the rez. i spent lotsa time roaming all over this country but the rez has always been my home. i have lived in my present home now for longer than i have lived every where else combined. next would be at my mishos house that became my mothers. i was rez before there was money in it.

we ordered more propane. we only fill it twice a year. we use it more for central air in the summer. in the winter our furnace rarely kicks on. usually only early in the morning on cold days when the fire dies down. i prefer the heat from a wood stove. gas heat makes my skin dry and itchy.

i was talking to  a coupla people. some how the topic of karma came up. i said i dont believe in karma. got a look over that until i explained. i said nothing ever happens to bad people. they get away with lotsa stuff and they dont ever pay for it, maybe thats why they keep it up. they agreed with me on that. bad things happen to good people but it makes them stronger.

gotta go pick up the grandsons for their weekend on the rez. we will go see the christmas lights. seeing the lights in the rez clusters only takes a little while to see the 5 houses lit up.

didnt get snow

we didnt get the snow that was predicted. it was south of here. i am getting kinda old to go rabbit hunting. so is my dog.  i used to do that when i was young. as soon as the snow covered the ground, i would walk and hunt all day long.

i didnt get to wash my face in the snow this morning either. we have been keeping the wood stove going. it is pleasant in our home. it may get cold out side but we dont feel it. i am glad i got enough wood to keep the fire going.

got my per cap yesterday. i dont get to buy anything extra. mine wont sit in the bank for too long. i will use it to pay on my rav4. i want to pay it off earlier. i did go to town to get stocking stuffers for the grand kids. we have some presents under the tree.

other kids at school will ask my grandkids what they got for christmas. i dont want them to say nothing cuz my misho dont believe in that stuff. we are fortunate we can provide for them. others in this country are having a rough time. this country has enough money to help the rich but not much for the poor.

the kids expect something so we will go along with it. i know that andrew wants a basketball goal so he can practice. i am looking for one. i used to have one for my kids but took it down when they outgrew it. i gave the goal away. now i have to find another somewhere.

i was listening to the news. they try to be nice and say “people of color”. sometimes they emphasize the word color.  i guess they mean all dem others like me. i dont see myself as a person of ‘color’.  i doubt they will make  a new crayon the shade of my skin.

i get emails from K U almost every day. i read up on the sports teams. i have been noticing that some football players are transferring out. at first it was just a few. then i noticed more. wonder if that is about them not wanting to play for the new coach.  he won a national championship and our players havent won diddley.

there gotta be sacrifices made to make our football program better. we havent had a winning season in a long time. dont know what our players are thinking. they are on one of the worst football teams in college. they wont find more playing time on better teams.

the vaccine for covid is being given to first responders. i am glad about that. they worked hard during this pandemic. the white house staff was also among the first to get the vaccine. they didnt much about covid except deny it. they mocked it, calling it a hoax. they had several outbreaks of the virus because they wouldnt wear face masks or practice social distancing.

this first shipment of vaccines was about 3 million doses. they expect to have about 20 million doses given by the end of the year. sounds good but there are around 330 million people in this country. it will take time to get all of them vaccinated.

got my chores to do.

mid December

my grand daughter wanted to come over to visit us. she knew our grand sons are usually here on the week ends. i am happy when these four are here at the same time. they get plenty of attention.

i like to get a picture of the kids when they are together. i wanted one in front of the christmas tree. they are getting better at facing the camera. it is hard to get a picture of all of them smiling and looking at the camera. this time we had two cameras taking pictures. they couldnt look at both.

i bought a can of popcorn. it had 3 flavors—cheese, buttered and caramel. when i use the past tense of had i mean it. it only has the caramel flavor left. the grand kids will finish that off too. it was worth having. i used to go stand in line when our casino had the popcorn promotion. i havent been gambling the past year so i dont know if we did that this year. well no gambling except for lottery tickets.

i am getting advertisements from a heirloom seed place.  i am not buying seeds yet. i do look at the on line catalog to see what is available.  i do save many seeds from the things i grow. there are seeds i do buy though. this past year i bought grow lights and heating pads to help start seeds. i wanted them to increase my seed survival rates.

got a notice there wont be any buffalo burger for elders this month. no explanation.  usually when anyone asks bout buffalo the answer was always “they are sacred”. there wasnt anything remotely sacred about the distribution of the tribal buffalo. tribal monies paid for the upkeep. the buffalo belonged to the tribe as a whole. not just certain ones.  those closest to the fort are always more sacred than ‘dem indians’.

another home boy came by. he asked if we wanted any deer meat. we had to turn him down. we still have some. and our freezer is full. i dont want to dump a few seasons work to make room for some deer. maybe by the next time, if there is one, we will have room.  we are eating the things we grew or picked and saved.

today i got the bee pollen and raw honey i ordered. i got it from one of the tribes in kansas. some say honey isnt good for a diabetic. back when i was a bee keeper i went to a workshop. a doctor was the presenter. he said there was nothing wrong with taking honey if one is a diabetic. he said others wont agree with him. i believe him that natural is better than refined sugar. i dont take much.

i was out in public last week. it happened that i had to cough. i coughed a coupla times. you shoulda seen the looks i got. that happened another time. i have to smoke my ceremonial pipe now and then. i dont smoke other than that. the smoke gets in my lungs and makes me cough days later because of that. those with the looks dont understand that.

will see what this week brings.

might snow

had to take a picture of my chickens in their yard. the metal rooster i bought is also there. the chicken in front is one of two hybrids i havent butchered yet. the rhode island reds are darker than that breed. i am still not getting eggs. neither are the places where we buy fresh eggs.

it must be getting close to christmas. i have copies of my grandsons wish lists. i am not into the christmas trip. i go along with it because i love my grand kids. they expects gifts because this culture pushes the idea we are suppose to buy presents for everyone. i dont wanna disappoint my little ones. they will find gifts under the tree even though we provide for them all year long.

both of my grandsons want a puppy. i have told them i dont want to get puppies til konugish is gone. he is old and wont last much longer. in the past we have gotten new pups when we had an old dog. usually the old ones would disappear. probably to go off and die. like we didnt want them and they knew they were being replaced. konugish has been faithful to me as long as we had him. i dont want him to think we dont want him.

KU basketball is on this evening. the game is at six.  i dont have cable but i can still watch the game. i will get to watch it because of streaming. many people are dropping cable. i dont know why cable companies dont get it. their prices are too damn high. especially now in the economic depression we are in.

the weather people are predicting snow tonight. i will get a fire going. our wood stove hasnt been fired up lately. i do like the warmth of a fire going. it makes me go up and down the basement stairs alot. while i am down there i try to lift weights for a few sets. i havent got on the tread mill though. i need to. i get more exercise by stacking, splitting and lifting wood to stoke up the fire.

the covid vaccine approval has been rushed thru. dont know where i stand on that yet. every one has that one friend who you can never believe no matter what he says. i am kinda like that with our government. how can you believe this government that never acted to protect people from the virus. and they still arent despite the record numbers being set daily. at first they said it was a hoax. but they did dump stocks to save their own money just in case.

the reason the spread wasnt worse is because states and people decided to take precautions themselves. the stance of our national government was to ignore the problem hoping it would go away. while they denied its existence our national leaders caught the virus themselves while they openly mocked taking precautions. many followed their example. thus the spread.

realistically the vaccine wont be available to the majority of the american people for months anyway. they are already saying there will be a priority list. they say frontline responders first. they probably will include government leaders and rich folk. who will be last to get the vaccine– minorities and poor people? who knows?

i have to go pick up the grandsons this evening before KU game starts.