got our tree up

we got our christmas tree up. we wait at least until thanksgiving is over. and the three indian days we had. most likely our tree will stay up til late january. this old hippie likes to see the bright lights. we have used the same fake tree for years now. i dont see any sense in killing a live tree every year.

we have been saving christmas ornaments that we like. we have a small hand drum,  dream catcher, baby moccasin, kokopelli, a stuffed beaded turtle, etc.  we have some ornaments andrew made at school. we even have one our kids made while they were in school. i have one that is a KU ornament.

hope my militant friends dont go off saying we need to decolonize or something. i havent seen any of them give up their cell phones or suvs to decolonize. we dont get into the whole christmas trip. we just go along with the time of year. it dont hurt to wish good things for others as a greeting. we believe in giving all year. 

a bell ringer in front of walmarks wished me a merry christmas. i dropped some change into the bucket. he thanked me. at another store a lady asked me how my day was going. i said alright and went inside. i got my stuff and asked the clerk for change of a five. i knew the lady would hit me up when i walked out. she did. i asked her for what cause. she said for abuse and addiction. i said okay and made a donation. i support people that work for those causes. the lady said bless you.

most people are into the spirit of giving this season. well except for our government. they arent willing to help the millions out of work. or the small businesses that may go under. they did give billions to the rich though. they arent willing to do anything about this pandemic either. the numbers keep increasing. ignoring it hasnt made it go away.

a trapper i have been buying porcupine hair from for the past 5 years contacted me. he wanted to know if i wanted any porky hair this year. i said yeah. i asked him if he pulled the quills. he is gonna pull all the quills off one porcupine, otherwise they will go to waste. if it works out i want to buy the quills off about 4 or 5 porcupines. possibly more.

mary and i  want to try quill working.  i bought about 5 quill books to give us an idea of how to start. we will start with the quills from this first porcupine. i have some quills stored. i dyed them and put them away. i kept them from a hide someone sold me.

i havent been sorting porcupine hair or making roaches. maybe because there werent any pow wows this year. i have been staying home for the past few months. i could have several done by now.  i gotta get busy before next pow wow season. as soon as i get a routine going i can knock them out.

will see what happens this week.

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