almost next year

we got some ice. it covered the tree limbs of my red bud tree and red willow  bushes. our car windows were covered too. it was enough to make us stay home. as if we havent been for most of this year. its a good thing i am a home body. staying home dont bother me. after my years of bumming around i can appreciate having a home.

the only thing colder than ice was congress’ response to increasing the $600 stimulus checks. they didnt just say no, they said hell effin no. it was a nifty sleight of hand. they dangled the possibility of raising it to $2000. then pulled it back saying it would be vetoed and we would get nothing.  the bill was signed.  now many are breathing a sigh of relief we getting the original 600 instead of being mad at how meager it is.

jackson county is the county our rez is located in. recently it passed the 1000 mark for positive covid cases. not a big number but we only have 13,000 in the whole county. even out in the sticks one can be exposed to the virus. covid numbers on our tribes website havent changed. dont know if that means we are flattening the curve or not. maybe thats why some dont wear masks.

the promised 20 million doses of covid vaccine by the end of the year aint gonna happen. i think they saying now it will only be like 2 million given. something to do with logistics of how it can be done. giving millions of flu shots every year is never a problem. we are still a long way from giving over 70% of the population the vaccine. they say that is necessary to make it effective. dont know how true that is.

our tribe got some doses of the covid vaccine. first ones to get it were guv’ment people. then first responders. then ‘essential’ workers. we are gonna get some more doses. they are saying more for essential workers first.

the rest is up for grabs kinda. people without titles and worth might be able to get a shot now. you have to call in for an appointment to get a shot if you meet certain criteria. i figure what the hell, being over 65 years old i meet one of the criteria. i called in to have my name added to the list. that doesnt necessarily mean i will get one. but i will be on the list. it wont be the ‘me first’ list though.

i watched a show on the year 2020. it was a well written satire. i was laughing thru most of it. you have to laugh. it was indeed a strange year. no one could make this stuff up. no matter what, life goes on.

i have to get to town one of these days. i need oyster shells. it is a grit that chickens need. it helps with making better egg shells. i am getting several eggs a day. the eggs are small. they will get bigger, especially after i get the oyster shells.

what will the year 2021 bring? i say the only reason i stick around is i want to see what happens next.

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