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its now a new calendar year. spring is the real new year for this indian.  i told my family happy new year during the day yesteray. i knew i wouldnt be awake at mid night. i did go to bed early. i heard our neighbors’ fire works going off as i fell asleep.

i am not making any new years resolutions. i am a bit old to try to change my act. who i am and what i am is what i will remain. i am far from perfect but at least i leave others alone. i live my life and i dont think it prevents anyone else from living theirs.

i should have been doing the things i needed to do while i was home during this covid stuff. i should have been on the tread mill and walking. i am guilty of letting that slide. i was walking on the road when the weather was better. my chores keep me active. i need more exercise though. i used to think if i aint dead yet i wont ever die. now i know i have to work at staying alive.

i sent off a check for the 8 and a half ounces of porcupine hair i received in the mail. i will have to start sorting hair again. that is another thing i let go. i could have been doing that too. i wasnt real motivated because there were no pow wows happening. i imagine there will be some this coming year. i will make some roaches before the next pow wow season starts.

we are getting snow today. the first snow of the year. i went outside to wash my face in the snow. my grand sons did too. i told them we have to do that. gotta teach them early. the weather man predicted ice further south of here.  i can live with snow. its ice i dont care for. i stay home if its icy out.

i made it to town the other day. i went to our feed store. i was looking for oyster shell. they havent had it the last few times i was there. i found a small bag of it for bout 7 bucks. that is a rip off. i used to get 5 times that amount for bout 12 bucks. i bought the bag because i need it since my chickens are laying. i searched on the internet and found a place that had some. i got it for $13. it will last me a month  or two.

while the snow flies i will watch football today. the top four college teams are playing each other to see who advances to the national championship game. i dont watch very many games during the season. i do watch when it is play off time. i like to see the best teams play each other.

KU mens basketball team will play tomorrow. i will tune in to that game. it has been a long stretch since i seen them play last. the day after the chiefs play. it is a nothing game. i hope all stay healthy.

while these games are going on i will be waiting on my covid check eh.