got some snow

we got about 3 inches of snow on da rez. andrew wanted to make a snow man. i told him it was cold outside. he wanted to go anyway.  what andrew wants, andrew gets. we told him to bundle up first.

he built a small snow man in the front yard. he insisted on using a carrot for the nose.  we had broken tree branches for the arms. he used rocks for the eyes and mouth. i had to take his picture.

our first snow gotta be as good a reason as any to take down our christmas tree. we have left it up a long time in the past. this time it came down earlier than usual.

the first snow makes me think of rabbit hunting. i keep an eye on the front yard. rabbits ate from my garden this year. its only fitting that i have them for dinner. that is known as the cycle of life or some thing. gotta eat rabbit in the winter to observe the passing of the season. i will set my live traps some time.

for the new year i made a big pot of mishmot. well big for us. i bought cow tripe and a coupla cans of mexican hominy from a migo store. that tripe had a reddish color. i bought some more tripe at walmarks cuz i didnt think i had enough. the walmarks tripe was bleached white. the two together weighed about 5 pounds.

i seen menudo mixes for sale but figured i would make my own. i added two teaspoons of my hot sauce, cilantro and fresh onions when i dished it out.  not suppose to brag on my own cooking but it was good.

i remember an old guy used to say he wanted buffalo tripe. he said not even cleaned. he wanted it with the green still in it. i wouldnt mind trying some buffalo tripe to make mishmot. dont know where i would find some though.

i didnt get my stimulus check. but it wasnt me that vandalized pelosi or mcconnell’s houses. i made a deal with the wife. when we get our stimulus we are going in halves on an air fryer. dont know how good they are or if they are just a fad. the idea of cooking without grease appeals to me. indians eat way too much fried foods. perhaps an air fryer would be healthier eh.

i am getting between  3 to 5 eggs a day. we are eating our own fresh eggs now. they are still small but that forces us to eat a little less. i know the eggs will get bigger. i wanted the breeds of chickens i have because they will lay some during the winter.

the chiefs are playing today. it is a meaningless game. i hope we dont have any injuries. gotta have everyone healthy during the play off run. i wont be disappointed with any result of this game. not like i was with the  jayhawks game yesterday. the sun still came up this morning even if K U  lost.

will see this week if this country indian’s name was added to the “dem indians that gonna get the vaccine” list.