got my vaccine

yesterday i got a call they were giving out covid vaccines at our clinic. mary and i headed over there. we checked in and got in line. i passed people i didnt know. made me wonder who the hell are these people and where did they come from.

it took us maybe half an hour to get our vaccine. we waited in line longer than it took to get the shot. the shot just took an instant. we had to sit for 15 minutes after getting vaccinated to make sure the shot wasnt causing any side effects.

i got the moderna shot. the ones that got the first shots had pfizer.  i have to go back in 4 weeks to get my second shot. i guess after that i am good. i didnt get a sticker like they give when we vote. woulda been cool if i got a sticker that said ‘i got my vaccine’.

i felt a little soreness in my arm where i got the shot. it didnt hurt but i was conscious of it. today the slight discomfort is about gone. i would rather deal with that than have covid. i am glad i got the vaccine especially now that they found a new strain of the virus.

i have been staying home. when i did go out i wore a face mask. i tried to do what i could to avoid catching the virus. and no i wasnt afraid. nor was i blindly following.  i was careful because i care for the people around me.

the county the rez is located in has lifted the mandate to wear face masks. the numbers keep going up. a vaccine may be our best defense. many around the country refuse to take precautions. no way you can convince them that their actions have consequences.

i have started sorting porcupine hair. i got motivated after receiving my last batch of hair.  i put in a few hours a day for a coupla days. it is a monotonous chore. i need to wear my glasses and have good lighting go see the slight variations in color. roaches look better when the hair is sorted.

i am going to need an extra cup of coffee today. KU basketball is on at 9 pm. that means the game will run past 11. i will be up late watching the game.  i have to see how the team bounces back from the loss we had last game. we have a couple of injuries. that means someone else will have to bring their game.

coffee reminds me of when i was young. we were taught to offer something to any one that came to our house. we didnt have much so most of the time it  was coffee. as i got older i helped make the coffee and served it. after awhile i started drinking it as i sat down to listen to the old folks visit. thats why i became a life long coffee drinker.

gotta do my chores.