getting into the new year

i had my quarterly lab and med check today. my lab results were good news. my blood pressure is the best it has been in over a year. i am happy about that. and my blood sugar has gone down. i will take that too. my only downer was i am slightly anemic. i was prescribed a new medicine for that.

i had to go to town to get an over the counter vitamin C supplement. i have to take that with the anemia medicine. it will help my body adsorb it better. i went to a place where i have a rewards card. i get a discount at that place.

the doctor asked about my feet since i am diabetic. i said they okay. they are rough because i go bare foot most of the time. real country indian. she said i cant do that anymore. i should wear a house slipper with good support. i ordered a pair and will get them on tuesday.

i remember my brother bubs. when he would come see me, the first thing he would do upon entering is take his shoes off. my other brothers were like that too. i know i am like that. now i have to wear slippers. this indian gonna get civilized yet.

seen my sister when i was at my lab. i told her its ironic that when i was growing up i didnt get pop and candy. now i am diabetic. i guess indians might be predisposed to diabetics because our systems werent used to refined sugars. who knows.

a good check up better motivate me to  get on the tread mill. if i am doing okay now it will only help me more when i walk. i have hit the weight machine several times going to the basement to stoke up the fire. i will continue to hit the weight machine.

wearing masks has changed our lives. when i am out i meet people i know. since they are wearing a mask i cant tell if they are giving me a real smile. or if they are just giving me that running for office smile.

that first snow of the year is history now. most of it is gone. andrews’ snow man melted. only traces are in the shade of trees or bushes. we will get more snow later this winter. i am glad we didnt get more ice.

i went to the irs website. i did the where is my check thing. i got a reply that it is scheduled to be mailed january 6th. holay. i will get it in a few days. this indian will be heading to town. hell yeah.

i was watching news last night. it was when congress reconvened after the uprising. they were meeting on the counting of the electoral college vote.  republican and democrat alike all spoke about preserving our democracy etc. i was sitting there wondering who the hell are these guys. and where have they been these past years.

gonna head to the basement to hit the tread mill.