working at home

i say i am retired but am i really? for the past 20 years or so i have put aside money like per cap.  i would use it to buy porcupine hair. thru my website i established contacts with trappers who sell their porcupine hair to me. we cut out the middle man–the supply houses. it was a deal that was beneficial to both of us. i saved money and they made money.

i looked at it as investing in myself. i planned on making roaches as  my retirement business. i knew i would get my money back. i now have plastic storage tubs full of porky hair. i bet i easily have over 17 pounds of hair. it takes about an ounce and a half to make a roach.

this past week i started sorting porcupine hair again. i havent done that in a while. thats a chore that has to be done before i even begin to think making roaches.  roaches look much better when the hair is sorted. 

i worked for 3 days the past week sorting hair. i work at my own pace. i am the best boss i  ever had. i put  in several hours a day. i can watch tv or listen to music while working. i did get a lot done. i will keep it up the rest of the winter.

at some point i will also tie a few roaches. maybe when i get bored sorting hair i will make a roach with the hair already sorted. i have a wooden box of the hair i have sorted the past few years. i didnt just start sorting hair this winter. i have been doing that for years.

i will make the bases for roaches sometime too. i have been buying rug yarn for years. i have a stock pile of it.  the company that made it is out of business. the cost of rug yarn has gone up greatly because of that. i used to buy it at garage sales for a quarter to a dollar apiece. now it goes for 5 to 10 bucks each.

i will dye some deer tails i use for trim on roaches. i also have been buying them for some time. i also stock piled the dyes i use. the cost of the dye and deer tails have gone up too. its good that i thought ahead and stocked up on materials i use to make roaches.

i gotta admit i should have been doing all of these tasks while i have been staying home. i could have made time. i was busy doing other things. i could have had several roaches done by now. dont matter. i will still get it done.

i went to a website to check on my covid check. it said it was to be mailed on January 6th. i have been checking out my mail box. no check yet. i imagine it will come this week. i am in no big rush to get it. it will be deposited in the bank and will get spent as needed.

bring on this next week.

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