stir sorting hair

i am still sorting porcupine hair. i dont mind doing that. i got my routine down. i dont have to force myself. i just do it.  i know it will pay off in the end. i could sort just enough to make one roach. or sort a bunch at a time and make multiple roaches. i have done both. i prefer to sort lotsa hair and make a number of roaches at the same time.

i watch tv or listen to music while working. i like to keep up with the news. some times though i get tired of hearing it. i will tune it out when i dont want to hear anymore. i will either do some binge watching or i will watch an educational program. i constantly try to learn something new. thats why i know so many trivia facts.

i worked some with the rug yarn i use for the roach base. i unraveled it and wound it into a ball. next i will braid it then sew the base. i have multiple colors of yarn.  i try to get the primary colors first. then i will use other colors of yarn. i try to have a variety of different colored roaches. never can tell what color some one will want.

yesterday we got our commodity buffalo burger. last month we didnt get any. didnt hear why. when i was in traditional foods i heard that other tribes used their buffalo to supplement target groups diet. it would be given to diabetics or people with high blood pressure. etc. they would kept track of how it affected their health. makes sense. that would be better than selling our buffalo at below market value.

our eggs are getting bigger. i knew it was only a matter of time. i am getting maybe half a dozen eggs a day. one day i got 9. this warm weather is helping. chickens tend to lay less during the winter. temps will be in the 50s for a few days. my chickens are earning their keep.

i will take advantage of that warm weather to toss more wood into the basement. we are getting low again. we have kept our fire going. it is pleasant in our home. i breathe better when i have a fire going in the wood stove.

we did buy an air fryer. i wanted it so we would eat healthier. less fried foods. we ordered a meat bundle from the meat plant. it is a mixture of pork and beef. i want to try a steak in the air fryer. i know their bacon is my favorite. thats why i dont run to town or the casino to eat breakfast. we have the best breakfast with fresh eggs and meat from the locker.

i have only got on the tread mill once so far. mary has been walking regularly. i have to do that. i have been too busy sorting hair. i dont like to break away from that. i have done a few reps on the weight machine when i go down to stoke up the fire. i will get my walking down sooner or later.

KU mens’ basket ball will be on tonight. i will be watching. we play oklahoma state. they have one of the best freshman guards in the country who may be a lottery pick. yeah we will give him a game. rock chalk.