going off da rez

it is windy as a politician out. the basket ball goal we put up for andrew was moving back and forth. we will have to adjust it back to 10 feet high. the screw got worked loose and it dropped some. it is solid enough that it was holding in the wind. we laid it down til this wind is over. dont want it ruined.

i have to pick my daughter up at the airport tonight. been a few months since i seen her. she is back for the general council meeting. she will be busy so most of our visiting will be when we pick her up and drop her off at the airport.  her plane lands at 8:51. that means misho wont get home til late. i am having an extra cup of coffee now.

i want to eat supper at a cajun restaurant in legends mall on the way.  i may be a country indian but i really like cajun food. i want blackened catfish on dirty rice and gumbo. i order the same things when i go to that place. i should try new things but i love the blackened catfish and i dont get to eat gumbo very often.

i had my first vaccine shot. that makes me a little braver about going out. i have been cautious this entire time. well i am a home body so staying home wasnt asking much from me. i always wear a mask and practice social distancing. i dont feel my freedom is threatened by wearing one. i am laid back enough that i dont get outraged over a trivial matter.

going to the airport in kansas city is just a short jog but i havent been off the rez much. i do go to town for groceries. i preserve a lot of my food but i still need to pick up things. i also have to get chicken feed and dog food for my critters. so i could use the road time.

i got another seed catalog in the mail. it may seem its too early to think of seeds but it isnt. i will leaf thru the seed catalogs i got. i will see what seeds i may want to order. first i have to look at what seeds i have on hand.  i did buy a heat pad and grow lights last year. i will use them to start seeds with.

talking about gardening. i found a dude that has the lumber i need to make more grow boxes in my front yard. he said when i am ready to build to come see him and he will fix me up. not having the lumber was the only holdup in making more. i wasnt gonna pay the higher cost for new lumber.

now i can add more grow boxes next to the dozen i already had. i prefer using grow boxes now. my field gardens’ soil will pack down hard by the end of summer. not so in raised beds. and i can get two crops out of my grow boxes. i plant early crops and replant after i pull them.

gotta sort more hair before hitting the road.