made some hominy

got busy making some hominy. i bought some whole corn kernels that is suppose to be good for hominy making. i got it online. it is yellow corn. i wanted white hominy but yellow is good too. i used baking soda instead of wood ashes. i have used that process a number of times. it is considered safer and probably easier.

i have two quarts of corn kernels left. i will try wood ashes next time i make hominy. the only reason i havent used ashes is because i dont know how to. i looked it up online. i have an idea. i will to try it. once i have it down i will decide which way i will use there after. taste would be a big factor in choosing which method i choose.

i ended up with 3 quarts that i put in freezer bags. mishmot (menudo) tastes better with home made hominy. i also got half a jar of grits. grits are just dried hominy that is ground up. i used a food dehydrator to dry the hominy. i want to see how these grits are. i may make a big batch another time.

i got my end of the year invoice from the feed store. i spent just over $500 there last year for chicken feed and dog food. i take care of my animals. they give me fresh eggs and companionship in return.  doing my daily chores of feeding, watering and bringing in the eggs keeps me busy. i know my animals appreciate me. 

my feed bill should be slightly down but it actually went up. there was a short time when my chickens got wiped out by raccoons.  i didnt buy any feed then. i got more chickens after a few weeks. i am down to one dog too. my dog food bill should be lower since i am feeding one dog.

we got some snow. that will be good for the garden. it puts moisture in the ground when it melts. hopefully we have moisture down deep so when it gets dry we will have water for the plants.

i fed the chickens inside the chicken house while snow was on the ground. it is dry in there. i noticed the wild birds scratched up the snow to get at what feed was on the ground. they eat with the chickens all winter. i dont mind feeding them. i was told it will bring you good luck if you feed wild birds.

no KU basket ball game on today. the other team has covid problems. i have to wait til tomorrow for the kansas city chiefs. two of my children are going to the game. i will watch it on t.v.

i heard from a trapper i buy porcupine hair from. he will forward on my email to another trapper. i may still get some porcupine quills this winter. i want to try that art out. i have a fan i want to put quills on. the handle will be birch bark. it will be decorated with porcupine quills. that is if i can do it.

i have some deer meat cut into strips. i had it marinating over night. i will put it in the dehydrator to make deer jerky. my daughter wants some to take home. i will have it ready.

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