left the rez for short trip

i took my daughter back to the airport yesterday. we dropped her off at the gate of the airline where she was catching a flight. we didnt have time for a sit down meal. we stopped for a sandwich at a bbq place on the way.  we would have preferred some Kansas City bbq but we would have had to wait in line.  we got it in topeekie and ate on the road.

on the way back we took the  route thru leavenworth. i wanted to see scenery other than the turn pike. we passed by the federal penitentiary where i worked with native brothers for bout 5 years. it brought back some memories. i thought of all the native brothers i had met and gone into ceremonies with. i will never forget them.

i made some deer jerky for my daughter to take home. i told her it was good trail food. she likes to go on hikes. the jerky was good. i made it out of a couple of roasts that i cut into thin slices.  i marinated it over night before i put it in the food dehydrator. now i have to wait on one of the home boys to bring me some more deer. we have one roast left.

after we got home we watched the KU basketball game with baylor. it started to look like a blowout. they doubled our points but we came back a number of times. we couldnt finish it. baylor had more fire power than we did. we did beat the point spread. we are now 3 full games behind in conference standings.

our jayhawk fans get all weirded out. they probably havent seen that duke, north carolina and kentucky are all unranked. our team is still competing against ranked teams. at the moment we are missing a little something. we get better as the year goes. we will be in the ncaa tourney again this year. i wont give up on our team.

i got an email from a fur dealer. we agreed on a price for all the quills off a porcupine. he will pull them from a hide he has on hand. i told him i would be interested in all the quills off of about 5 porcupines. we are starting with this one first. i want to buy from him every year if possible. i want to try quill work. so does my wife and daughter.

tomorrow we are going to try the grits i made. i am looking forward to seeing what they taste like. i am planning on making more. it will be a change of pace for breakfast eating grits. i’m not from the south but i do like corn.

i havent got my second stimulus check. i went to the ‘where’s  my check’ web site. it only said that it would be mailed january 6th. that was almost two weeks ago. still no check. i didnt get the first one sent to my bank account even though my banking info was on file. they sent a check instead. typical government bureaucracy. i am in no big hurry, i like to know that it is in my account and not out there somewhere.

got to start sorting hair.