getting fresh eggs

this warm winter has my chickens laying eggs. i am getting about 7 eggs a day now. some are still kinda small. the first eggs are usually small. they will get to be big, brown eggs. some already are. my feeding and watering the chickens every day is paying off. i can eat fresh eggs for breakfast because of my labor.

this past year i had a problem with raccoons that killed my chickens. they killed all of my flock. i caught a couple of the raccoons with live traps. after that i got some new hens i bought off craigslist.  they were hybrid chickens. some of them got killed. i set more traps and caught more raccoons. i havent had a problem with them since.

i wasnt pleased with the new hybird chickens. they wouldnt roost. they laid eggs on the ground too instead of in the boxes i built. i butchered most of them.  they made good soup after i fattened them up a few months. i have two of them left that i will clean before winter is over.

i replace those hybrids with rhode island reds. my favorite chicken. i also got some barred rocks and a couple of brown hens. i like these chickens. they finally reached the age where they are laying eggs now. i have fed them for the past few months. i am finally getting a return.

i had some of the deer meat left that i sliced up for jerky. i wanted some that had a hot taste to it. i marinated it in the hot sauce i made with the habanero peppers i grew. i put it in the food dehydrator and it got done. i havent tried it yet but i know it is probably good.

i braided one ball of rug yarn i had for my next roach. i buy it when it has a good price. on the auction sites it goes for 5 to 10 bucks for a skein. i wont pay that. i get it at garage sales and flea markets. i stock piled the yarn. i have big bags of it. i knew i would use it in my roach making. the yarn i braided is orange. i dont have that color roach on hand. i will make other colors as i get more done.

i will get to that roach after i sort more porcupine hair. i want to be able to make several roaches at once. i dont mind sorting hair. i have so many pounds of porky hair that it will take me months or years to sort it all. i will make roaches in between sorting it to break up the monotony. it is nice to use my hands to work instead of my back.

no work today though. i checked the mail and this indian got his stimulus check. its too late for trump to pardon me for what i thought about him when my check didnt come yet.  time to head to town. gonna deposit my check. aint no rush to spend it. it will get spent. i dont have the luxury of blowing it on things i dont need. i will treat myself to a sit down dinner though. i had my first vaccine shot. i feel safer bout going out. i will wear a mask.