for the health of it

i was passing by the buffalo pen as the sun was dropping. i had to get a picture of the buffalo. didnt have my nikon camera so i used my cell phone. they say a camera never lies but it didnt quite capture the image i was seeing.  

we bought an air fryer in an effort to be healthier. that will cut down the grease in our diet. thats gotta be good. i dont know if i am getting old or caught up in a fad. i do like the air fryer though.

we made baked potatoes in it. they were better than ones we made in the oven. i had to have two potatoes both times we made them. we also had pork chops. they were good. we also had fried chicken. it had a slightly different taste but i can live with it.  i wanna try some buffalo wings made in that thing.

i am tryna get healthier. i have been on the treadmill twice now.  i occasionally lift some weights on the weight machine in the basement. my cholesterol must be better. the doctor said i dont have to take that pill anymore.

i kinda have to get healthier quick. i am scheduled to get a stress test. it is merely a precaution. it is to check to see if my heart is working okay. it will also prove that i do actually have a heart. i had a stress test a few years ago. it was after i was sent to emergency to see if i had a heart attack. i didnt have one. the test was to see if i had a previous heart attack. i didnt.

the stress test will have me walking at a good pace on a tread mill. i had to walk fast and for a while. i had to get my heart beat up to a certain level. it was a work out. thats why i have to get on the tread mill. dont wanna be unable to finish the test.

patrick mahomes is cleared to play in the game tomorrow. i am glad to hear that. it looked like a choke hold to me but he had to go thru concussion protocol. i hope he is okay and doesnt have any more problems. he is young and has his career ahead of him. i want to continue to follow him. he will give us many good games.

KU plays basket ball today. i will be tuning in. we are on a two game losing streak. we have lost 3 in a row only twice in the bill self era. i think we will win. this team is good. they just need to put it all together. most likely we will lose a few more games before the end of the season. most teams will. it wont be unique to KU. i am a fan all the way.

i have my chores to do before game time. gotta feed and water my dog and my chickens.