starting a new roach

i braided orange yarn for a base of a roach. i use rug yarn. it isnt the correct way or only way to make bases. i use this method because the man that taught me did it this way. this roach will be 16 inches long. the deer tail trim will be orange and black. the front hair will be a double row of porky hair.

when i get tired of sorting hair i will tie this roach. it will be the first one i made in some time. i’ve been doing this so long that i  never lose the touch. i will make as many as i can before pow wow season starts. i want to put up a stand some where at a pow wow this year.

offices and schools have shut down around here. so far it hasnt started to snow.  it a steady drizzle is coming down. it is freezing after it hits the ground. it is suppose to snow later on. it will be a mixture of ice and snow. we may get up to 6 inches of snow. we had plenty of practice staying home during this covid, so we are staying put til this is over.

i keep up with the weather. i heard this snow was suppose to arrive. we threw more wood into the basement. i never forget the time when we need more wood and it was all frozen solid from ice. we have enough stacked in the basement to last us til the end of february.

the kansas city chiefs are on the way to the super bowl. that is good news especially after KU lost for the third game in a row. need something to cheer about. patrick mahomes looked like he was okay. more good news. i thought the chiefs looked good thru out the game. they looked like champs. now if they could only get rid of that damn tomahawk chop.

we had spare ribs before the chiefs game. we put them in the air fryer. thing is the air fryer started to smoke. i think the grease from the ribs burnt. the ribs turned out okay. i also made some guacamole. i like that dip. i thawed out some jalapenos i grew. they gave the dip a little zing.

i had some of the strawberries i picked for dessert. i picked so many pounds of them. we canned some and froze some. they tasted good. i got something  back for my labors. next growing season i will go pick more.

i will feed the chickens inside the chicken house today. the wild birds will probably eat with them. they always do during the winter. my dog eats in the garage. i put fresh straw in his house. i make sure my animals are taken care of.

next monday i have an appointment to get my second moderna vaccine. i will continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask. i wont waste my time debating with some one over that. i hope the vaccine is good against the new strain of covid. it sounds like it will be bad news. even after over 25 million people caught the virus and over 400,000 died from it, some just dont get it.

gotta do my chores before the snow flies.