got some snow

we did get some snow. not the 6 inches predicted the other day. nor the 1 to 3 inches last night. we got enough to cover the ground with a nice white blanket. it reminded me of when my mother said in indian ‘because it is winter’.  it will put moisture in the ground. that will help my garden this year.

i dont know how long the snow will last. andrew will want to make another snow man. that is if the snow is still here when he comes for the weekend. he has to make a snow man every winter it seems.

i noticed rabbit tracks in the snow behind the chicken house yesterday. i set my live traps in the back yard.  i used carrots. maybe that is too bugs bunny but its all i had. i didnt catch anything last night. i only have two traps. a raccoon tore one up when i caught it.  i keep an eye on the yard in case i can get a shot at the wascal wabbits with my .22.

i took some food down to feed my worm farm. thing is most of them are dead. the bedding probably wasnt damp enough. it looked kinda dry last time i fed them but i didnt think it was bad. lesson learned. i will buy more worms this spring. i already have the start up costs covered. i own the system they live in. i think i overlooked the worm farm cuz i have been sorting porcupine hair so much.

retired or not, i am still working several hours a day sorting hair. some days i work anywhere from a coupla hours up to bout 7 hours. i work on weekends too. there are days when i just kick back. there is no short cut. its a job that has to be done. it will pay off when i make roaches.

i ordered a few deer tails. i did a search on the internet for the best deal. i found some cheaper than other places but they were smaller tails. i would pay less but get less. i also noticed that i could buy them already dyed for the same money. that would save me one step. used to be it was cheaper to buy white tails then dye them myself.

i went with the place i thought had the best deal. after i already ordered  i noticed that they charging me $16 for shipping. i think  some shipping costs are a rip off. its another way for businesses to add to their profit. i will try another place the next time i order deer tails. i ordered orange and black tails for the roach i will make next. 

tickets for KU’s basket ball game this thursday are going for $15. prices aint been that low in years. three loses in a row and fair weather fans bail on the team. i go to a game every year. i havent this year because of the covid. i have gotten a vaccine shot but i am staying home anyway. so no game for me.

gotta get busy.