snow will melt

we went to topeekie yesterday. we had to fill our water jugs.  i notice a slight taste in our tap water so we use bottled water to drink.  we use it to make our coffee and tea. i want my coffee to taste like coffee.  i am no connoisseur but i wanna enjoy my coffee made with fresh ground coffee beans. life is too short to drink bad coffee.

i bought a cup holder for our water cooler. i have to attach it next to the water stand. i got it for the grand kids. they can’t reach the sink without dragging a chair to it. they cant reach the cups in the cabinets either. but they can help themselves get water from the water cooler when they are thirsty. i have enough cups to last a long time.

we picked up our grand daughter from school on the way home.  i noticed that many of the parents dont wear masks. the kids are required to wear masks at school. i wonder if the parents see that not wearing them is counter productive. probably not. i love my grand daughter. i wouldnt do anything to expose her to any germs.

i got the vaccine but still am cautious. i go for my second shot this coming monday. i have been waiting for the second shot for 4 weeks. i will be glad to be done with that. i hope it is safe against the new strains of covid.

i watched the KU game last night.  i said it was worth the 6 bucks extra a month i pay for espn+.  i dont pay for cable so thats not bad. our team won. that stopped a 3 game losing streak. i could have gone to the game for $15 but didnt want to venture out. i have been a jayhawk fan for over 50 years. i dont give up on them.

i checked my live traps when i fed the chickens. both are empty. havent caught a rabbit yet. i will keep them set. i want to eat rabbit. it aint winter until i have tasted rabbit. when i catch one or if i catch one, i will hang it up to cure  for a few days. it tastes better that way.

i am still sorting porcupine hair. i am waiting on the deer tail i ordered. i should get them today. the $16 i paid for shipping is for two day shipping. i will start tying the inside trim when i get the tails. after that i will tie the porcupine hair. it wont take long to tie a roach. i will go back to sorting hair when i am done. then start on another roach.

last week my grand son samuel brought an artwork of his home. it was a watercolor. it had sunflowers, clouds and the sun in it. he had a lot of detail in it for a kid in kindergarten. i will keep it. i had so many pictures over the years that my kids and grandkids drew or painted.

gotta get busy.